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  1. I think stuff like emu oil and jojoba oil is okay, but I would hold off on specific creams that are made for scars, your skin is very sensitive and not healed yet.
  2. Thanks lamarr! I was hoping that they would at least improve somewhat. I think yours should probably improve even more after some more time, you're only a couple months post tane so I would imagine that your skin's not completely back to normal. I guess I'm just confused as to how these turned into scars in the first place. My derm told me that you only really scar when a cyst has been there for months, and these were not cysts, and I never touched them...thinking that I was AVOIDING any sca
  3. I know, I was wondering about the mild scarring left behind after you clear up...good luck with your course and thanks for your responses kristifire Does anybody else know what I'm talking about with the mild scarring? ANYONE? lol...
  4. Thanks for your response Yes I know what you're talking about with the cortizone shot indent, I myself had one of those too, it was huge! But it did fill itself up completely after a few months. I'm just concerned because I think a scar left from a cortizone shot is different from a scar that's left from active acne that goes away on its own.
  5. Hello, I'm almost done with my course...I believe I just have a month left over, lol...I'm pretty damn clear, although just a couple of days ago I got one zit on my upper cheek that's pretty big now (not touching it though!) and I believe that's just because it's that time of the month and it was just a hormonal breakout. Anyway, here's my question...I'm noticing some mild scarring going on on my cheeks, right below my cheekbone. They're really not that bad, but of course they're still noticab
  6. You look great! Did you scar at all?
  7. You look great, congratulations! I have a question...you said that you still have some red marks and stuff...during your course, did you ever have scars, like indented scars? I know accutane thins out your skin extrmemely and the texture can be funny. I ask this because I've noticed some scarring that I'm kind of confused about since they're in areas that didn't I didn't have cysts or anything. I just had a regular break out, and they healed and went away within a couple of weeks. I thought
  8. Hey Platinum, shout out to Thousand Oaks! (That's where I'm at). You said that you use Mac Studio Fix. Do you they sell that in a powder foundation? I wish Mac made mineral make up, it's so much easier to apply. I hate using pressed powders.
  9. princesita I am in the same exact situation as you! I'm in my 3rd month as well... I too have this uneven skin right now. It's from the initial breakout. They're all healing and have gone away but the "red marks" are more textured right now, if that makes sense. It hasn't been long enough for the skin to completely heal. But I am also afraid that my skin will stay like this, I really hope not! I also use jojoba oil as my moisturizer, I like it because it's not greasy, even though it kind
  10. Hey there, congrats on your success! I noticed in your sig that you used Proactiv to wash your face while on Accutane, which is surprising because so many people say not to use products that are too harsh...how did it work for you?
  11. ^ With all respect, I don't think that that's necessarily true. I've been reading that Vitamin E & C (especially C) helps a lot with collagen building and rejuvination. There's also a post in the scar forum about this woman who had rolling scars that were years old, and she started to drink water with lemon juice in it for a prolonged amount of time and it helped her scars tremendously.
  12. I'm bumping this because I want to see some real responses to this and wether or not this could be helpful... edit: I googled Vitamin C & E for acne scars, and there seems to be some promising information about what it can do for the skin.
  13. I would like to know about this as well... I've only been on Accutane for a month and a half, and my initial breakout is starting to heal, but I've noticed one indented scar left over from one of the spots on my cheek, or actually right below my cheekbone. It's not very deep at all and in fact if you looked at me straight on it's not noticable, but if I turn my head to the side I can see it in certain lighting. The spot that it's in wasn't a cyst or anything, just a couple of pimples that wer
  14. Wait, what do you mean by that...? And I haven't been picking. :razz: