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  1. I'm from the Midwest and I've had about 70% improvement with subcision. My doctor's website is www.columbiaderm.com.

    I just started dermarolling with good results, too.

    1. aidplease


      hey i live in iowa and have rolling scars do u think ur doctor could help? im also using tazorac (retinoid .05%) would it cause any problems? i need to use tazorac otherwise i start breaking out again.

  2. hey guys... thought it would be helpful if people who had good results with their Docs provided info and location about their experience. i've been trying to find a good derm who does skin needling in the US and its kind of a rare thing here I guess....especially rare in the pastoral midwest....haha anyway, if you wanna share, just give a little detail about procedure, Doc or clinic name, and improvement.
  3. why can't i get a link into this window? i wanna post some pics for you guys
  4. hey all - okay lamarr, i have some questions for you (one being why dont you do this professionally? haha) -i'm getting into the dermarolling/needling, i've yet to purchase my needles / terproline / LEDs yet. i wanted your insight on a couple of things. first, i've got what i guess are some rolling scars or maybe just texture problems, mostly on my right cheek - only appears when i smile, on my smile line - if i can manage a pic i'll get one posted in this thread. did you have rolling scar