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  1. I'm quest to cut down the causes of acne on my face I'm looking to get a stubble trimmer. Specifically this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/BaByliss-for-Men-Super-Stubble/forum/Fx37RUY5DLE69PJ/-/1/ref=cm_cd_sarp_reva_ql?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B00EZS5PZ8 Now the problem I have is that I currently shave using a Sensor Excel and using shaving gel. I shave every day as I do get facial hair growth but its not even and looks patchy and if I leave I feel I look a mess, especially with spots of
  2. Is there anyone else out there who can give me advice? I remember this community used to thrive and get lots of responses when it came to asking for acne advice
  3. I could but doesn't the acne.org regime use BP gel? I find with the gel it doesn't soak into the skin and leaves it feeling tight and sticky. But with the cream I don't get those problems. I know I can moisturise after but I just feel the gel cloggs my pores unlike a cream. Maybe im wrong. Plus it would cost £70 for a 2 months supply of the wash, gel and moisturiser. I can afford that every 2 months How long have you been using the superchimp products and how long before you saw results? A
  4. I'm a 29 year old male (from the UK) and I've had acne since I was 18. Over the last 3 years I've had my acne under control with Quinoderm 5 % BP Cream. But due to new EU regulations there is a massive supply issue and I cant get hold of any BP products in the UK. I did get some Panoxyl and then Brevoxyl. All of which didnt work like Quinoderm. I also find any BP gel was harsh on my skin unlike the BP cream. It's now been almost 7 months and I've not used any BP on my face and I have spots a
  5. So its been a good week or two now and I've been on the Lymecycline every day and been putting on the Quinoderm 5%, my skin is getting a bit better, it seems to get better for a few days then go back a little. I'm going to give it 2 months as that's when I run out of pills and see what happens. Not really sure what to do. The first week my face went a big flaky with the quinoderm but now it seems to have adjusted to it and with moisturiser its OK with it. I just want my face to be clear! (
  6. Thanks for all the tips guys. Im still using the same face wash as its nice, foams a lot and doesn't irritate my skin. I'm using a clearisil rapid action treatment cream for active spots only. I then apply BP 5% on my forehead and cheeks, I'm slowly applying more every 3 days to get my face used to it. After that I moisturise. I use simple light moisturiser at the moment. I looked for aveeno but couldn't find a face moisturiser only a body one. Is the body one the one you are all on abou
  7. I feel your pain mate. Im just trying anything within reason to get rid of them. I too hope I will grow out of it. I just hope im not 40 by the time it happens!
  8. I'm starting to shave everyday again but keeping to only down strokes to see how it goes.
  9. I went to my doctors today for some advice and medication. He said my acne isn't bad enough for Accutane but said topical alone wouldn't be enough and that I have cystic acne. Now I'm sure I've tried all the antibiotics before but I'm going to give them a go again. I have Tetralysal (Lymecycline). I have 2 months worth. so I'm going to take one a day for 2 months and start using the Quinoderm 5 again, starting on my forehead as that's not as sensitive as the rest of my face and ill build up
  10. Hi LewisS thanks for the reply. Im in the UK so Im not sure if I can get hold of the Regimen but was thinking of getting similar products and following the regimen. Would these products work: Shave Gel: Aveeno Shave Gel Face Wash: Quinoderm Face Wash (Though from what I can see its out of stock im most places ATM ( ) Cream: Quinoderm 5% (Though from what I can see its out of stock im most places ATM ( ) Moisturise: Im not sure, Would Simple For Men be a good one or should I
  11. Also should I shave every day or every other day?
  12. Could I get away with going up on the 2nd pass? I just don't get a close shave with one pass downwards and my facial hair length makes me look like a chav.
  13. OK so some background information. Im 27, male, health, go to the gym and generally eat healthy bar drinking beer. I never had acne as a teenager but then when I was 18 it started and since then its got worse. I've used more prescription drugs with out any such look. I used to have acne on my back and chest but I've grown out of that, its just on my face. I had been using Zineryt for a good few years and it seemed to work in that it would remove the smaller spots and the spots from under
  14. I find that shaving doesn't help my acne. Now the problem I have is if I have every day my hair isn't quite long enough and I feel by shaving Im doing more harm than good. Now if I shave every other day it means I can get a closer shave but I have to shave upwards on my my chin and above my lip. If I just shave downwards I don't get an as close shave and it just looks stupid. I use a sensor excel and have for many years now. Will me shaving upwards be causing me more acne. Also what is t