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  1. I tried 1 gram for 7 days once, and my stomach went NUTS!
  2. B5 does not build up in the liver, but makes the liver over work and eventually it causes problems in extremely huge amounts, hell, anything in huge amounts causes problems .... and I have yet to see anyone cured from B5; results are most likely temporary and will cause more damage than gain. Acne, my friend, is way too complicated to be cured by B5
  3. I dont mean to diss B5, but taken in quantities over 100mg/day might cause serious liver damage in as little as 6 months, according to 3 of the doctors I have visited.
  4. I am going to carribean and want to to wear sun protection with SPF 15 , no more ... Do you guys have any recommendations? something that wont clog pores?
  5. I have been doing this for the past 3 weeks, and results are amazing. Red marks are fading, more energy, happier, and less oil AM: Take a shower and use Neutrogena Extra gentle cleanser Take first pill of TWINLAB DAILY TWO LUNCH: Eat normal food, a combo of proteins, fats, and some salad and fruits, nothing special AFTERNOON: 2-3 times a week: Exercise - Run 20-30 minutes + Weightlift shower aftre exercise, use the same Gentle Cleanser PM: Take another pill of TWINLAB DAILY
  6. Can someone tell me if there is ANY vitamin A present in plain fish oil (Omega 3)? I have VItamin A by carlson, capsules, from fish liver oil, and each one has 10,000IU, what I dont understand is, whether Fish oil and fish LIVER oil are essentialy same or different??? i want to supplement with one or both, dont know where to start. On the one hand, I have heard good effects of vitamin A (fish liver oil) on skin, on the other hand, have heard Fish oil is also good for acne.. but I dont want t
  7. Which form of Vitamin A are you using? and whats the dosage. I got Vitamin A (fish liver oil ) 10,000 IU..... I dont know if its good, and also selenium 200mcg
  8. I ordered proactiv and wanna give it a shot! As anyone been on it? and has it worked? I have used it before but have not really followed three steps exactly.....
  9. DUde, if you work out a lot during day and dont go to school or work, WHY THE HELL do you need all these acne products, you have ZERO stress why not drop all those products man! if you had your life, my skin would be flawless...
  10. Do not apply BP before swimming,, do it before going to bed. or early in the morning, then go swim in few hours, it will be already absorbed by then u should do fine... I use neutrogena BP oil absorbing mask, leave it on sometimes over night, dries out zits very well...try it
  11. It is one of the ingredients of the purpose soap, and I developed 3 cysts in two days. Salt that is in the sea is good for skin because it is combined with other sea minerals and elements, but I personally would not put anything with sodium chloride on my face any more; in addition, I have found that any surfactant makes my face more acne prone and dried out (lauric acid, laureth, sodium or loefin sulfonate) ..anything that makes foam on your face is not good for oily/acne prone skin, but some m
  12. Has anyone used cellex-c. It has vitamin C in it, and its supposed to improve the overall complexion of the face.... I am considering their foaming cleanser, but has sodium laureth sulfate, which i believe is a foaming agent, and have read this ingredient might block pores??anyone?
  13. Hi, I am not supposed to be doing this but I have 60 tabs of 20mg/accutane sitting in my drawer. For now I have decided not to take it, so i figure osmeone might benefit from it. All I ask is a coverage of shipping costs which should not be more than 10 bucks ... who wants it?
  14. I think you know that its not extreme, you just need people's confirmation that its nothing! so chill!!! your acne is very mild
  15. Well, exercise did not eliminate acne in my case, but it certainly kept it to a minimum. WHen i get breakouts, I stay home, afraid to work out, which is a huge mistake; it further aggravates the problem. I tend to be afraid that sweat will irritate acne, but as soon as I drop running and exercising, acne stays. I think exercise destresses your body to a great extent, and I believe acne is caused 80% if not more due to stressors, both physical and emotional. I am pretty sure most of the people wh