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  1. I cannot do that either or I break out.
  2. I have been using BP for the last 4-5 months. Currently I am getting around 1-2 zits/week. Sometimes they go away in a day. I only apply BP at night because twice a day dries out my skin. My problem is this: I cannot wash my face with anything. Cetaphil is too strong for me. So, when I wake up, I have to have a hot shower and gently use a face cloth to whipe away the BP. Most of the time it doesn't all come off so I have to wait for my face to dry and rub a t-shirt against it and eventually the
  3. I was told I looked like a 20 year old Tom Cruise before. Man was I angry at that.
  4. Are you a fricken' tard drummer? DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITH ACID IN IT WHILE ON ACCUTANE NEVER NEVER NEVER One of the ways accutane works is by shedding skin layers. This is like an acid in its own. You just have to be patient. Putting the shit drummer said to put on will scar you and it will scar you good.
  5. I sure as hell can judge these people. That is some sick shit. Seeing scars that are 1/3 of inch long popping out of a good looking girls chest is sick.
  6. I know, we all hate acne, but what is your favorite type of zit? Mine are the little white heads with no red mound around them. When I put BP on them, they dry up by the next day and fall off.
  7. Everyone has something in their life to be depressed about. Acne for one can be incredibly harsh to the self-esteem. So, do you think accutane leads to suicide or is it based on the person's past/disfiguring face?
  8. It is hard to debate this issue because no one here has done their own study. I would like to know what the people who commited suicide looked like before they started 'tane' and when they stopped. If they looked horribly disfigured before and when they commited suicide, had a clear face then it is safe to say it was the tane messing up their head. It they were disfigured prior to tane and looked disfigured post-tane, then it isn't so much 'tane.' That is my opinion. On another note, Elsa you
  9. Hehe. In those pictures (which were taken probably 3-4 months ago) I look some kind of foreign. Too much sun.
  10. Lol. Has what you said affected me in real life? No. I am watching the baseball while briefly chatting on msn and here. http://www.faceparty.com/member_profile.as...me=ironinternet Looks like I have balls, too.
  11. I am actually not being negative about accutane. Blondie was talking about how someone killed themselves because of accutane. Agentx said it isn't lethal. I replied, yes it can be. I am only telling the truth. People who have overdosed on vitamin A have suffered from depression.
  12. Good job guys. Almost all of you successfuly proven that you cannot read. Go pick up your accutane packages and read the little book that it comes with. It clearly states DEPRESSION. As to the bi-polar comment. I don't know where you got that from. First comment = accutane is lethal because it can cause depression, but it does fix acne Second comment = describing that people need to know what this drug is about before they go on it. Too many people go on it without testing the waters first.
  13. I know he was on tane, too. I didn't say Accutane should be banned. I simply said you need to watch yourself while on it. Depression isn't always an easy fix. Curing depression doesn't always mean look at life in a happy way. Accutane can cause depression that while on it, cannot be reversed.