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  1. i think people have to understand the mechanics of the internet, particularly search engines like google. a link to a website is *not* a measure of relavency, but a measure of site promotion. how else can his website be the first website on google? through search engine spamming. so, think about it. if his website has been the first website on google search for some five years, then he has thoroughly thought this out more than you think. the website: 'http://www.acne-information.com' was an ol
  2. hi. i noticed some mineral makeup lines have translucent powder (a.k.a. setting powder), which is often applied after foundation and concealer...my question is: isn't the mineral makeup in itself concealer-foundation-powder in one? why do they suddently have separate concealers, base, primer, etc?? and all these liquid mineral coming out...i remember reading mineral makeup was versatile enough to be mixed, as in mixing powders to get right color or mixing with lotion for body makeup or make you
  3. http://web.nwe.ufl.edu/~sullivan/butopia/start.html by laura sullivan. ph D.
  4. hi. i just wanted to say that i'm testing the AHA lotion everyone is talking about. mines was just too expensive. it took about a week to deliver so during that week, i decided to do the "do-nothing regime' and at first some marks cleared and then later it broke out like crazy. so i came to the conclusion i should be extra gentle on my skin since i irritated earlier (when my skin began to clear) and that i have to apply something inorder to get rid of it. i was switching off dan's regime and now
  5. pore extractor: i tried this but a) it hurts like a bitch 2) it leaves other marks on your skin and 3) my esthetician said you should not do this yourself because of the angle which cab leave farther scarring. i didn't listen to her and did it myself anyways = not the way to go IMO...it's definitely not the gentlest way. but, if you're going to do this anyways, definitely steam beforehand, open up your pores for easier extraction. it's basically like pickiung your acne... pore strips: these hel
  6. phil_b, maybe you should try other AHA products that's 10% PotentiallyCute, i also tried AVC and lemon method with little results...AHA and BHA works faster on my skin. i don't know about any transitional products, i merely applied BHA on that night and the next day, my enormous blackheads were gone. i prefer BHA (salicylic acid)/AHA over BP because i've tried dan's regime twice, each time for about five to six months. the first time it worked as it should but the second time didn't work
  7. i think people are saying bp=scarring is because bp merely kills the p. acne bacteria and does nothing to heal the aftermath of acne. even paula begoun said so herself: [benzoyl peroxide] "doesn't repair anything in the skin; it only disinfects" (cosmeticscop.com). we're comparing it to SA/BHA or AHA which exfoliates the skin and heals scars better. after five months of the regime, i also ended up with blotchy skin, red from irritation and tons of icepick and red mark scarring. try 0.5 -1.0% S
  8. purely because it can be over-irritating. the more you irritate your skin, the less likely the meds can effectively work...see here from Colombia University's Go Ask Alice!: http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/1819.html or check below ----------------------------------------------------------------- Use of salicylic acid with certain other products may also cause severe skin irritation, so avoid the following unless directed by a health care professional: -abrasive soaps and cleansers -skin p