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  1. My suggestion is to go seek other opinions from other derms or even medspas. I've gotten the run around for years (about 6 years), but the plus side to having derms turn me down is that I really was able to research lasers (I ended up opting out-rare to have side effects from them but I didn't want to have the side effects that could happen). I ended up finding one doctor who did fraxel that was willing to try it on me once my skin cleared up (at the time it was clear, though, so don't know wh
  2. Having indented scars aren't bad. You can still have a life. When I first noticed my scars after a bad breakout at 21, I was like you, thought my life was over. I was just about to graduate and had no clue how I'd find my first job and more. I'm turning 27. I graduated college with my first degree, had several boyfriends, been proposed to twice, worked a few great jobs. Just take care of yourself right now and don't worry about a boyfriend. Focus on what you can change. See a therapist (
  3. You're a very pretty girl. I did do accutane for a short stint in 2009, had my hair fall out a bit, and didn't feel embarrassed telling people. If anything it just made them more understanding and supportive (granted some people may not, but hey, then you know who isn't and who is on your side). Your lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend. And yeah, not much you can do with your acne on that stuff. Maybe some tea tree oil or just playing around with what you eat (too many carbs, processe
  4. I'm with WishClean, change your diet a bit. There are so many processed foods and sugar that can cause your body to get out of whack in regards to hormones. It's kind of like trial and error, though. One book I love and helped at one point was The Acne Prescription by Dr. Perricone. I have to figure out what book it was, but Jillian Michaels did one book on balancing hormones because she had PCOS and bad acne for awhile. She talked to an endocrinologist and was taught how to eat in order to
  5. Mine rarely came to a head and if it did it was so tiny it wasn't obvious without smacking my face in a mirror to see. They're probably getting better if you think they're getting smaller. Mine always seemed to last forever, but I agree with tracy, go get them injected if they aren't improving or start using products with aha's. I only learned about aha's when I turned 20 and it definitely helped bring them down faster.
  6. worth looking into

    I think this peel works great in calming down acne and maybe getting rid of some hyperpigmentation. Yes, you more than likely will peel after some time and have to be really careful with your skin for a good week or so. For me, it's really only great for active acne because diet really is what stops the acne for me (which I don't always work on). However, it does make my skin look great afterwards.
  7. Thank you And same with yours...or I guess handsome
  8. They'll (red marks) go away with time, but you could look into some kind of exfoliation (chemical or physical) to help speed the process. With all my scars, they had red marks along with the actual scar. The hyperpigmentation eventually faded. Some within years others within months. And yes, I'm with you. Ice pick scars are easier for me to handle, but I have some boxcar and rolling scars and they bother me way more because of the reason you mentioned.
  9. I have had an anxiety disorder since grade school and have been treated multiple times. For those that do, get help. Read some self-help books, take psychology courses, see a counselor, meditate, exercise, take meds if you have to, etc. It takes time and persistence if you're willing to change, but eventually you'll feel more like a whole person. And it's an everyday thing to control anxiety and all that comes with it (I've had multiple panic attacks in the past, but haven't had one in a few
  10. senoritastephie

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    Definitely would be interested in seeing, but you look like a great looking guy from all your other pictures, too, regardless of it. Thought you should know
  11. I support your message and totally and completely agree. Once I let my acne get in the way of a date when I was 21 years old, got so upset when I was rejected that I broke out in cystic acne all over my face that scarred my face. Now I just don't care, haha, and don't let it bother me (at least 90% of the time) because it could get worse. I've gotten amazing jobs, was proposed to once (which didn't last, but that's life), and a whole plthera of things. Everyone has issues, even those without
  12. And so many different opinions and options and advice, haha. For me, I know if I cut out most carbs/grains (except for oatmeal) and coffee, my skin clears up. It's so hard to keep that up long term, though I did it for a year. I know other people have said citrus, but I haven't noticed that for me. And with biotin it seems like some people it's great for and others it's not. So frustrating! So definitely can understand any frustration Good luck! I'm sure soon you'll figure it out since
  13. GTStang06, your skin looks really good. I can't see any holes.
  14. Just make sure you aren't taking too many of most of the supps you're taking. Some of them you should make sure you balance them out since if you take too much of one you can deplete another important mineral or vitamin. Basically with mag and zinc, I'd just take those in multivitamin form since you could deplete calcium, potassium (when it comes to mag) and with zinc it could affect copper levels. I used to find some supplements that would combine magnesium, calcium, and potassium as well as
  15. senoritastephie

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    Skin is definitely improving a lot still! Looks amazing.
  16. senoritastephie

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    From the album: stuff

    And makeup just makes my face look better http:////dn4iqhjvtt39e.cloudfront.net/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png just a reminder that scars are only just a part of my face not the whole thing, haha. I do plan on either doing some more tca peels (I've done a number in the past, but really hasn't done much other than smoothing things out a bit) or dermarolling (and maybe suctioning). meh. Not doing anything for the time being.
  17. From the album: stuff

    My face looks pretty good a lot of the time when I'm in regular light http:////dn4iqhjvtt39e.cloudfront.net/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
  18. From the album: stuff

    Scars left from horrible bought of cystic acne when I was 21 (now 27).