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  1. kleen

    I Need An Exorcist!

    aww and you left me the link thank you sooo much! I had no idea the body shop had tea tree oil stuff... oooh and so many goodies to choose from I have oily skin too, and I see they have oil blotting tissues, definitely wanna try those. Right now I use the Palladio rice paper blotting tissues... they're the best, like 4 bucks a pack at Ulta or Sally's... sometimes I do feel like I'm using them all day, but they really do help..I cannot live without them lol I use alcohol on my face too, but I
  2. kleen

    I Need An Exorcist!

    hahaah The thought occurred to me today that acne is like a demon that possesses your body. It takes over and there's nothing you can do about it. If you are an Exorcist fan like me.. you know that Regan never truly gets rid of the demon..it's always there lingering, waiting for the next time she's weak and it can take over again. Welp, that's how I feel. My skin is possessed by the acne demon. I always come up with all sorts of bad analogies for acne lol But seriously I'm having a serious
  3. kleen


    Welp, can't believe I'm back here. This really sucks. I'm feeling really awful right now. I've just recently this past week or 2 completely broken out all over my face. It's worse than ever, worse than it's ever been. Or at least that's how I'm feeling after a year or more with my acne kind of under control because of birth control pills.. Zarah! Which I had to get off cus they were making me nutty, but now I might have to get back on them. It'll take forever just to get semi clear, cus even wit
  4. If YAZ is helping to treat your acne, then you probably shouldn't stop taking it. I use Ocella, and the first time I used it I got off it when my skin cleared, because like you I didn't want to be on the pill. Bad mistake! I broke out worse than ever, and when I went back on it took me 6 or 7 packs before it started helping again. If it's helping you, you may regret stopping usage, plus you get the benefit of birth control..not bad.
  5. heyeee! I checked out that milk documentary trailer and it looks awesome. I've always thought milk was gross. It makes my mom sick , but she won't listen to me, what's worse is my kids drink it at school..ALL the kids do. I always say "Would you drink a monkeys milk??" ...


    your xmas dinner sounded yummy too!

    1. I've def felt like that too..acne really, really suuuuccckkks...I know..but you're not the onle one see..just fuck what errebody thinks..you have acne, big fuckeen deal..if it really bothers you that much why don't you try that accutane crap. I was using that niacin crap for a few months & it didn't do shit for me...newayz I hope you feel better, we all have our awful acne days, just remember you're not alone : )
    2. kleen


      okay I swear I got it from getting pedicures..I tell all my friends not to go those nail salons..they are very unsanitary. No one listens though, they think it can't happen to them, but it can. There are other ways of getting it like gym showers, pretty much any place unsanitary where it can get into your skin. I've been on soooo many antibiotics for this and nothing has worked. That's why I need to know if anyone has tried anything that has worked.
    3. soo I just started taking a multivitamin and zinc, the second day I just barfed ..I won't feel the same about nachos for awhile. It was horrible because I hate throwing up, I seriously don't know how the bulimics do it. Newayz I'm afraid to start taking them again, even though I feel I need them. Maybe I should take them seperately?? I'd take one at night but I take my Ocella at night, and those can make make nauseous as well. I'm really not good with pills. Anyone else have this prob??
    4. the only thing that works for my cysts are hot compresses. A wash cloth, very hot water, 3 times a day for like 5 mins. If yours is painful this really helps with the pain, it should start to shrink, and it will bring whatever is in there to the surface eventually..be careful not to push to hard when trying to get stuff out of it cus that can make it spread..so yea hot compress & patience. maybe it's a spider bite??
    5. to deserve acne. cus I sweeeaaarrr it never goes away. Ya know how you think "oh..looks like it's getting better, maybe it'll clear up and everything will be okay." Then 20 mins. later there's a new big scooby waiting for you to meet him, and scratch him, and pet him, and take him for a walk around the block.. annnnd it just sucks. Okay..I must have done something really horrible. It's probably not that serious, and I can think of a lot of worse things you could have besides acne, and in that se
    6. annnd get up and punch that biatch in the face. sometimes violence is the answer. im playin..but that's seriously fucked up..i mean if she was doing it on purpose..then i think she might deserve a busted nose, or brand new eye cut : ) i mean this in the nicest way possible..it's for educational purposes of course.
    7. Thee saaame thing happened to me during my second pregnancy, I too thought it was a phase and that maybe it would eventually go away..almost 11 years later..I realize that my acne problem IS hormonal. Pro Active never worked..the only thing that worked is Yasmin birth control pills. It has progesterone in it..and well the only thing is that I have to stay on it non stop..but it does work for me..plus I don't have to worry about getting pregnant : ) Plus theres no face crap..which just irritates
    8. hahah fa real though lookin at all ya sexy people on here I'm beginning to think acne is the new sexay! what if you were only really sexy if you had acne? hahah the worse..the sexier. that would be koo. Newayz I meant what I said ya'll are sexay.. I know how it feels to feel incredible and then you look in the mirror..and yea..ruined..but today I want to just forget about my skin (pretend) and just be sexay..and you should tooo!!! hahahahaahah