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  1. I just went back from work which I am very tired, so I fall asleep without knowing that I am wearing a lacoste shirt on my bed which I usually sleep with whole bunch of bp on my face. Here is the question Will dry bp beable to bleach my clothes? Will my lacost survive :'(
  2. My face is a littlebit dry, but you know, it is so much clearer than when I use the moisterizer, so any suggestion?
  3. Dan doesn't make any SPF yet, so I don't know what to use in the market. Summer will come soon in my country, and I still don't know what to use I'm an asian so I don't want the one that make my face look white please!!
  4. i very mess up iwth my regimen. Someday once a day some day twice, but I never miss the regimen at night still clear
  5. I use jojoba oil and evening prime rose oil, and I use a lot of them. I pour them on my hand then I put them on my face the way your put on BP very gently after that i remove them with cotton very gently. You will see all the dead skin coming off. I think it's very effective than using your hand because i found that I'm a man and my hand is very rough so it sometime irritate my face. so people who don't have soft hand shouldn't use their hand to remove flake I also notice that my whitehe
  6. I just start using AHA and it's super awesome. My flakey skin is starting to dissapear
  7. First of all I have to apologize if my English is bad because I'm from Thailand, so my English is not strong. Now, I really need help. Here is the problem. Sometime, I need to go out at night for party, works, and business, so I have to wash before going out otherwise I won't feel comfortable because my country is very hot. So, it's better to go out without bp for 7-8 hours, than come back and put on BP or I just put BP on everytime I go out. Dan's Regimen totally saves my life. My acne is a