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  1. Hey guys!! Just wanted to say hope all is well on ur end and have a good week.!! . I have not been on this site in a few days and might I say it has done wonders for me. The depressing tone in here is not healthy. Wow Im actually living my life!! I've gain so much confidence. Its been one month im on the wash my face with luck warm water and moisturize only regimen and might I say my face is clear, 30 % less oily. This regime is doing good for me. After a year of bombing my face with chemical
  2. Good luck on you speech next week. You will do fine. Once you get up there you totally forget about your nerves. Once you project confidence in your speech people will be surprised by your talent. Research your topic well. Take it from me a speech expert. My standing ovation still rings in the ears of the acne free and its been more than 2 weeks and the teach and students still comment despite my

  3. Hey guys. I have been thinking about this long and hard. I was thinking that I should write a letter to the Oprah show and other such shows. It would bring awareness to the world about what acne sufferers go through. I'm happy that we have each other to confided in but maybe we are not seeing the bigger picture here. Maybe we should confide in the world. In that way we are reaching out to more people, bring awareness and paving the future path for acne sufferers. Like a global crusade against ac
  4. I guess I was not clear when I meant self imposed. Notice how some people do not let other people comments hurt them and ignore it completely. Some do feel hurt about it, but do they let it affect their emotional or psychological state. Let's take Adam Lambert for example. He does not have the best skin in the world, but do you see him complaining, hiding himself, his talent from the world. Nope he is front and center kissing guys on stage. See where I am coming from?; because I understand the p
  5. I come to this section of acne.org's forum alot. Reading how people feel, most of the time feeling pity for them. I might get criticized for saying this but I believe many of the emotional and psychological effects are self imposed. I've seen people with worst life stories under the sun. Acne.org's forum members each posses a sh*t load of talent. Many of them just need to get pass their insecurities and use that talent. I see members in here that can be the next president of their country, grea
  6. Dude ur over washing your face to the point where ur making your body work in over drive. Thats the reason why ur acne is not clearing up because of you oily skin. Ask yourself these questions. Was my skin oily before I had acne? Is it oilier now than before? Is my families skin oily? Most of the time we over wash our face and our skin produces more oil, hence more acne. Try this. Take a week off all these products. Only wash your face with not to warm water two times a day and use an oil free m
  7. I have done countless amount of research about acne and all the different products that claim to do this and that. Even the most so called gentle ones. But are we being told the truth? Take for example many of you guys own a computer right? and I'd say many of you run Windows on it right? Why is that? You guys still use regardless of viruses right?. Then the question of why cant Operating System companies make a brand new Operating System that has no viruses and is likely to get hacked. Well my
  8. you're a very smart guy (:

  9. There is so much I wanna say, but the words are coming all at once and the information is confusing. I might have to write a article on this and link you guys.
  10. Do you really believe that.. mhm seems you have alot to learn. You say words are not going to help you. But words from another persons mouth who comment about you acne, is like dieing by a thousand blades. Thats the reason you are here because you fear these words. Mhm just as those harsh words can hurt you, good ones heals you. example. "Hey your acne is clearing up!!"... please tell me what do these words do for you? P.S: I'm not trying to be rude or anything. Its just that I want to also
  11. Hey guys glad you like. Having acne has enlightened me so much its not even funny. Funny how a few spots help you over come the fear of death, understand the true meaning of life, become a spiritually healthy person. I view life on this earth as a vacation. How we enjoy it depends on the variables & expressions that are added to the equation. When you leave this place you take nothing with you except the contentment of your soul.
  12. "Too much greed. Limitless sort of desire. Also source of problem, source of suffering, individuals also. If you always keep the feeling "One more one more one more" until the last day that person is never satisfied. Always want more more more. So mentally that’s a very poor person. Always hungry, always having. Then someone who is from a poor family but their daily necessity is fulfilled they remain happily.†–Dalai Lama It seems that with our skin, we are never satisfied always want mo
  13. Here is what alot of people fail to realize. Before joining this forum and getting paranoid about acne most of us never took care of our face point blank. Then we try to find all the different facts that contribute to your acne. In the end we try so many different shit its not even funny. Simple thing is live healthy and use Dans regimen. Trust me I know. Trial and Error experience.
  14. Hey guys while browsing the web for a new moisturizer I found this one St.Ives Fresh Skin Elastin Facial Moisturizer . According to the reviews this thing is amazing. Have any one tried it??. Mostly all its users rave this product. My problem is that it contains mineral oil. According to research mineral oil is not bad for the skin; I have very oily skin due to all these products I've used in the past so I was thinking it may do more harm than good. I just want a simple moisturizer thats going