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  1. thanks so much for sharing this with us. Your skin, other then the redness, looks great. I to suffer from redness. May I ask where you got the tea tree oil from and what brand? Thanks so much
  2. Guys I apologize as Im almost positive this issue has been covered numerous times, but what exactly are you suctioning with? Im currently in Bangkok and should take advantage of the prices of subsicion while im here, but I would really like to know how to suction. Ive never heard of this before. Thanks so much Matt for sharing this information!
  3. Sweet! I have shallow surface scarring which gives my skin a ruddy texture under harsh lighting. I purchased the PMD roughly 2 months ago, Have done 6 sessions, 5 with the red discs, and so far Im very pleased with the results. I have noticed a decrease in hyper pigmentation and the overall texture of my skin is improving. I'd say upwards of ten sessions with the red disc's will yield upwards of 15-20% improvement in shallow scarring based off my results so far. Ill keep an eye on your blo
  4. hey drewboy i have some quick questions regarding rolling scars.

    1) did you completely get rid of them? If so, how did you get rid of them?

    2) did you have any other scars that you treated? thanks

  5. Back in 05 I completely fubar'd my face with 50% TCA. I remember it vividly, I got extremely giddy, dipped the toothpick into the TCA, and instantly went to apply it on my face. When doing so, 2 huge water droplets fell off the pick and hit my cheek in 2 separate spots. It actually took out 1/4 of an inch in both locations, leaving me devastated. To think, my face would be completely healthy looking if it weren't for these damn TCA spots. Im seriously thinking about getting them excised. As of
  6. Movin to Texas??? Well Hot dogs!!! Edit: well fudge, you mention Austin
  7. 1. start with moisturizer with a built in sunscreen (this is a must) 2. use a retinoid to eliminate wrinkles 3. replace your coffee with water
  8. bollywood, what did you get your degree in?
  9. Hey bugs, Silicone injections run typical around 500-700$ per treatment. But again a lot of times you want to pay for experience. It was the best thing I did for my skin! What type of scarring are you suffering from? Anyhow, what is elevess? Do explain.
  10. Datura- your right, hotel mirrors dont get me, but barber shop mirrors do. I got my hurr cut yesterday and o lordy, i looked like a circus animal under those lights. elliecap - my hair is really thick, although accutane caused it to recede just a tad. I would say my hair is similar too a young jude law. Im saving up for a FUE treatment by either Dr. Armani or Dr. Cole. FUE is awesome, they take out hairs individually form the back of your head since they arent susceptible to DHT. They do this
  11. Yes, I got scarring while on Accutane. Thats where it came from actually.But I had really really bad acne, and it didnt go away till accutane. I was 23 when i took the plunge. After many treatments my scarring is to the point where people hardly notice or you have to look directly under harsh lighting.
  12. I know Dr. Lam used the expensive medical grade silicone. Not sure if it was called Silikon 1000. I also dabbled around with temp fillers for 2 years, not worth it, the results dissapeared within a month. Silicone, being 8 months later, continuously improves my scarring. So your hubby wishes he had as much hair as I do eh? How old is he? Im almost 30 but feel about 18. And yes, I do have quite a bit of hair, when I was younger I had such thick hair it stood out like a mushroom. Since taking a
  13. Well, to be quite honest with you, never in my 29 years on earth have I ever had people compliment my nose or lips, but you know what? I'll take it! The hair gets compliments all the time but Im not sure why, I think just because of the golden brown color. Anyhow, hah, I really thankyou for the compliments, just hope my head doesnt swell up too much and I go around showing off my nose and lips. Im glad the filler is working for you, are you considering silicone? Second, about the TCA, I used