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  1. Blehin: What type of toner do you use? I used to use the ProActive one but stopped because I was convinced it would dry my face out... Alona: What cleanser did you use instead?
  2. is there a different climate? That could also have something to do with it because sometimes people's skin tends to be clearer if you live in a place with less humidity... hmm... I'm not sure about the water but it makes sense that that could be a factor... have you changed any facial products or laundry detergents/shampoos or whatnot?
  3. Okay, so i'm probably the whitest thing alive haha. When I get pimples and poke at them, it's kind of obvious, but after they go away, my skin seems weirdly darker in the whole area around it..mostly my cheeks... it's not scarring or anything, it's just that my skin doesn't have that "glow" that it used to... it looks sort of like I'm wearing the wrong shade of foundation (but I'm not wearing any)... my skin just FEELS different in a weird way. Even when it's clear, it just doesn't feel as healt
  4. LOVEisTHEmovement

    Lalalaaa =)

    I do not want to enter a description for this album. So there.
  5. haha I'm lame and usually sleep in the same place so I'll turn my pillow after a night and the next night I'll flip it haha.... I have super duper long hair so I've found that if I put it into a bun thing at night, it doesn't touch my face and give me pimples. So even if you wash your face at night, your hair touches the pillow and next time you put your head there, you get the oil on it. Also, someone told me to use a seperate towel to dry my face on after I shower or wash my face and that's
  6. Okay thanks haha...sorry....not so great with technology hahaa
  7. Oh ick! I HATE when that happens haha hmmm have you ever used any face masks? Kind of random but there's one that I have that goes on clear and all gooey and dries into this weird film that you peel off...it kind of reminds me of a lizard haha...but I've found that it absorbs the oil and also takes the little dry flaky areas off... St. Ives Peel Off Hydroxy Mask =)
  8. Okay I am SO confused. I just want to have a picture on the left side when I post. I tried to upload one but it said there was an error and to contact a board administrator... Why doesn't it love me? haha seriously, how do I get a pic up?
  9. I think that'll be the next thing I try haha...sounds too good to be true though haha have you tried the Acne Stress whatever whatever one? haha I've heard good things about that one...
  10. haha yeah....I have weird skin....responds well to funny things haha....these pimples won't be getting any cavities or bad breath any time soon hahaa
  11. Hah yeah, but then we'd all look perfect all the time, and where's the fun in THAT... haaa =D
  12. Um...my moisturizers vary...sort of girly ones too hah. I used to use one from clean and clear that worked really well and would keep my skin from getting dry spots or getting greasy... it's in a white pump bottle with a purple lid... also, I think it's either Neutrogena or Clean and Clear that sells these little oil absorbing sheets. They're blue and sort of plastic feeling...they're AMAZING for quickly getting the oil off your skin =)
  13. I'm a girl, so that's not it haha... I need to upload a pic haha...it keeps yelling at me and saying error, contact someone or something haha every time i try to =)
  14. Perfect! I'll blame HIM!!! haha just kidding.... I'll try to put my hair up too because it's really long and probably is part of the cause too
  15. haha the funny thing is they're just all over, not around my mouth...I think like wherever his hands have been for a long period of time, I break out haha... but yeah, I'll be watching the chapstick haha