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  1. Ukulala - yes I guess so. Try the tea tree oil topical as a replacement. and thanks ) Omnivium-In my experience some kind of stretching exercise that also makes you sweat is the best. If not, running or some kind of aerobic exercise. You have a lymph circulation system which carries nutrients to the cells and waste away from the cells. There's four times more lymph fluid than blood in your body. But there's no heart to pump your lymph flood - to circulate properly you need to jog the f
  2. Hi. I used to have moderate acne, large painful lumps under my skin, that looked very red and even distorted the shape of my face. My life was a living hell dealing with the self-esteem issues etc I suffered. Crying after looking in the mirror was a regular thing for me. To all of you who have the acne problem: I feel your pain. I was trying to sleep tonight, and I just wanted to come back and help some people who might be going through what I was. I originally posted my success story here:
  3. Hey. Coconut oil is perhaps the best thing I ever did for my skin. Use it relatively sparingly, a little goes a long way. It seems to: -dramatically enhance skin healing -balance skin tone / skin color -clear spots -moisturise -fill your skin with healing antioxidants etc I never travel anywhere without a jar. One jar lasts for about a year, and cost like 10-15 bucks, and in my experience is worth its weight in gold, being more effective than any expensive skin care treatment. Get it!
  4. User: Josh 1000 Title: I got 100% clear: so can everyone on this board Summary: I went from moderate to completely clear using a combination of dietary rules, supplements, exercise, fasting. Link: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/100-clear...rd-t249282.html for some reason acne.org is not allowing me to make this a hyperlink even though I've edited the post twice using their "insert link" button. so you'll have to copy and paste I'm afraid.
  5. Inspiring breakfasts... hmm... granola often not much good. Always check to make sure you didnt get any added sugar in there! And honey is almost as bad as sugar if you're adding that to your oats. I tend to have some hot lemon tea, a green smoothie and an apple. It's not inspiring, but it gives your digestive system a rest, and I really feel the "lightness" and "healthyness" has a positive effect on my skin.
  6. hey, Datura - whole grains are generally ok. Try to aim for gluten free grains if you can. There is a lot of evidence to suggest a link between gluten and acne. Lentils are a great replacement for grains, and very high in protein. Horse the man - Nuts: this can be a tricky one. Eating a load of nuts can cause a break out. But just eating a few is good to boost up your calorie content. I reccomend soaking any nuts you eat overnight in water - nuts have an enzyme in them that inhibits proper dig
  7. I used to be moderate: painful lumps, face looked wrecked. I’m 100% clear. I’ve been 90-100% clear for about 1.5 years. When I slip down from 100% to 90%, I know what I’ve done wrong. I’ve done this naturally. I love looking in the mirror every day and seeing my perfect fresh looking skin. I WANT EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD TO FEEL THE SAME ABOUT THEIR SKIN TOO, I WISH THE VERY BEST FOR ALL OF YOU, WITH ALL OF MY HEART: IT'S MY INTENTION THAT THIS POST WILL HELP SOME OF YOU.  It’s time I