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  1. Ive been on Retin-A for the past 15 years and it does work but takes forever before you will notice a difference. If I remember correctly it took at least 8 months for me to start seeing my acne clearing.
  2. Ive been taking Minocycline off and on for a year. At first I was getting headaches and feeling fatigued but that soon went away for me after a few weeks. Im now taking E.E.S since Minocycline stopped working and I'm having an IB from bumping my Spiro up to 100mg. Make sure you eat a meal with the Mino and drink lots of water!
  3. I got my derm to give me something besides Minocycline to help with this awful IB im having. He prescribed me E.E.S 400mg twice a day, it took a week to work but its working! Not sure how much longer I could of held out with the rate I was going. Minocycline was working great but like other meds it stopped working for me. To top it off I had to stop bc a month ago so my hormones are mad at me lol .........Praying we all see better skin days soon!!!!
  4. The Directions from Hope7 are the exact same ones given to me when I was on this combo.....it worked wonders for me, hope it does the same for you! Good luck
  5. Ladies hang in there!! This month marks 5 months I've been on 100 mg of Spiro. I'm slowly seeing improvements. I was actually cleared on 50 mg for 5 months then Wham! break out after break out so my derm bumped to 100. Its frustrating beyond belief!!!!! I'm even taking 100mg of Minocycline once a day for the IB but nope that's not stopping all these zits from forming. I found myself crying a week ago over my skin as well!!!! I hope Spiro starts to work for all of us, I'm out of options! I had to
  6. That really sux justtfx! Sorry you're stopping the Spiro. What dosage were you on? I started off at 50mgs for 6 months then bumped it to 100mgs which ive been on for 4 months now, im still breaking out with white heads that turn into cysts!! These break outs are driving me crazy!! I heard every time you up the dosage you get another break out grrrrrrr I cant take it anymore and want to just stop the spiro all together but I know I have to hang in there and that I will be all worth it. My doctor
  7. I've been using Dermablend for years and its never caused me any break outs and I agree that the coverage is awesome!!!! I definitely love this foundation out of any others that I've tried and I've tried many
  8. Omg Im also breaking out with cysts all over my jawline and around my mouth, I went to see my derm yesterday and he gave me cortisone shots, literally stuck me about 15 times, this is crazy! I was a bloody mess Come on Spiro plz kick in soon I cant take much more of this!!
  9. Would the retin-a still cause clogged pores if it was in gel form? Ive been using retin-a .1% gel
  10. Its so weird because I was soooo clear on 50mg but it took me 6 full months before it cleared me, I was clear for 4 months then all of a sudden I started getting cysts again so I was bumped to 75mg, then after 2 weeks of being on that my derm bumped me to 100mgs, im beyond frustrated with all this and all right around the holidays grrrrrr lol,........... Hopefully we will all be clear for 2015 !!!!
  11. Shadylee im going thru the same thing! Scheduled to get some shots on Wednesday! Wednesday cant get here fast enough I got bumped to 100mg so im wondering how long the break outs usually last? Does anyone know?
  12. Hi Shadylee, I was on spiro 50mgs for 6 months and was soooo clear for 3 months then started breaking out around my periods again so my derm bumped it up to 75mgs, well after 2 months I was getting those horrible cysts again so now im on 100mgs with Minocycline to try and calm down these break outs....im beyond frustrated at this point. I feel your pain on the break outs! when will this hell end !!!
  13. I feel like crap! My derm bumped my Spiro from 50mg to 75mg and now I got another IB !!! My whole lower face has a lot of white heads that have turned into cysts! Its so painful. I went to my derm this morning to get all of them injected, I felt so embarrassed to walk around with my face so swollen and bloody! So now my dermatologist has prescribed me 100mgs, im scared to even take it!!!!!!!
  14. Well it looks like after months of no acne worries Im gradually starting to break out around my menstral cycle again so my derm bumped up my Spiro from 50mg to 75mg so I'm really hoping I don't get another IB I'll be staring the 75mg tomorrow.
  15. it took me 6 whole months before I got clear on 50 mgs a day of Spiro....Hang in there!