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  1. I'm guessing that people's silence means that no one knows why PCOS-related acne comes in cycles, rather than remaining a constant. (Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining that hormonal, cystic acne isn't a 24/7 issue in my life. LOL I just am confused as to why it affects me for 4 - 6 months at a time, then goes dormant for roughly a year, sometimes as long as 1.5 years.)
  2. Could someone explain why PCOS-related cystic acne comes in cycles? I always go 1 - 1.5 years with more minor cystic eruptions, then, *BAM!* I'm hit with a 4-to-6-month-long wave of cystic acne that has been leaving behind scars (yes, real scars, not just hyperpigmentation). My free and total testosterone levels were normal, while my DHEA-S showed as higher than normal--which makes my endocrinologist suspect PCOS. He said that acne caused by PCOS tends to cycle for people. I didn't ask why
  3. I just found this thread and can share my recent skin developments.... I've had widespread, inflammatory acne since age 12--my first pimple at age 10--and cystic acne since age twenty-two. I took birth control for 18 years but stopped it nearly 3 years ago, due to it causing/ irritating other health issues. Since then, my skin has developed the majority of my indented scarring from my cystic acne. (I have PCOS, but without the weight gain and facial hair.) Some mystery scarring has appeared o
  4. I have not tried it but recently read about its effect on free testosterone and total testosterone levels. (I'm looking to decrease DHEA-S, which was found to be elevated in me, but my free testosterone/ total testosterone were within the normal range; so I don't know that spearmint tea would work for me.) That said, I think it couldn't hurt to try spearmint tea. Also, I've read that applying spearmint oil could help. (I've the impression that it's to be applied on certain areas of the body
  5. Thank you for the reply. I've been using Differin for about 5 months now. Overall, I still am unhappy with the depth and level of inflammation of my cysts/nodules, some of which have become huge, painful and even purplish in color. (I know that they're especially severe when they go from deep red to purple.) Still, my worst outbreak occurred within days of me starting to take a digestive-enzyme supplement; so I stopped that and things have been somewhat better. But, still, I'm dealing with
  6. I really appreciate the reply, since so few people bother to respond these days. *sigh* I've noticed that Hemp seed oil also is high on people's list for oil to use on acne-prone skin. What gets me, though, is that some people find that they break out even from oil with a zero comedogenic rating; my fear of such a reaction has kept me from trying any oil on my face. (I have inflamed cystic acne, so my fear is warranted, IMO.) My other problem is that I've not found a moisturizer that can't m
  7. I'm reluctant to try any oils at this time but have read so much positive--and very little negative--about Argan oil, that I'm thinking of trying it for faster healing of cystic acne and PIH. If it were to soften the appearance of my scars, all the better--but that wouldn't be my primary reason for using it. Thank you, though, for suggesting DMSO and castor oil; that is another potential "fix" for me to look into. PI
  8. I'd like to hear from anyone who used Argan oil and found that it decreased your skin's overall oiliness. My questions are as follows: 1) What Argan oil brand did/do you use? 2) Assuming that you applied it all over your face, did you experience any unwanted side effects for a time--e.g., increased breakouts or increased inflammation of existing breakouts? 3) How often did you apply it--once or twice daily, or did you use it even less frequently? 4) Did you notice any other benefits from a
  9. I'd like to know if anyone has found Argan oil--or even another non-comedogenic carrier oil--to lessen the appearance of scars? (Scars refers to damaged skin--e.g., rolling scars, boxcar scars, etc.--not hyperpigmentation, which is not scarring.) Thank you, PI
  10. Oh, wow... I already have two skin conditions that affect my facial skin--nodulocystic acne and sebaceous hyperplasia; so I don't really need to add a third one. This info. bums me out, though; I was hopeful to have found a topical that would allow me to mitigate the damage caused by deeply inflamed cysts/nodules. And I must confess that I am tired of driving roughly 30 min. one way to get Cortisone shots to the face and, then, have a balance to pay on each appt. visit. Gah! One question: d
  11. 41-year-old female here, also having had acne since age 12--though it was mostly contained for the 18 years that I took oral birth control (BC). I stopped taking BC almost 14 months ago and am back to having hormonally-driven, nodulocystic acne; so I feel your pain--and also have scars from acne that occurred prior to starting BC and some that formed while I was on BC. I can't speak to weaning off the Regimen, as I haven't tried it--but I'm considering it. I also am seriously considering Paul
  12. I'm dealing with hormonal-based cystic acne at the age of 41, due to having stopped taking oral birth control 13 months ago. My body is in flux and I just am trying to keep up with my skin's (hormones') overreaction to everything that I eat. I've read that some people can reduce the size of a cyst by applying a topical Cortisone treatment; sadly, everything I see available--e.g., Cortizone cream and gel--contain at least one ingredient that seemingly would irritate an already inflamed cyst, if
  13. As someone who's 41 years young, trust me, those don't qualify as wrinkles. Wrinkles remain when your facial muscles are at rest. That said, if you continue to exaggerate your facial expression to that extent, yes, you are certain to develop wrinkles in those areas. Don't be afraid to move your face and convey expression, but don't overly tax your face on purpose in order to gawk at what you think are wrinkles. All you're doing is brewing future wrinkles through excessive muscle movement.
  14. I'm sorry that no one has replied to your post before now. And I'm sorry that I don't have a concrete answer regarding Diane 35 and Accutane being used together. I can tell you that my body didn't accept Accutane on the lowest possible dose, which I took for two whoppin' days about 22 years ago. (My derm. told me to stop taking Accutane immediately, due to my unusual side effect.) I took prescription birth control--several different brands--for 18 years and stopped taking it 13 months ago d
  15. I'm wondering how those of you who use Milk of Magnesia (MoM) to control oily skin apply it, exactly? I'd like to be able to apply it thinly enough to use liquid foundation over it--so I don't want the chalky-white appearance of a thicker application. I've found that application using a cotton ball helps me to achieve a thin layer--but that a cotton ball soaks up most of the MoM, thereby wasting it; applying the liquid with my fingers tends to result in a thicker, obvious (chalky-looking) lay