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  1. DAY 115 What a difference one month has made, coming towards the end of my 4th month and I can finally reek the rewards of accutane, at the start of the 4th month, I had couple of cysts and blackheads, itchy face and was proberly at the same position I was in start of accutane. On top of that I had cysts growing everywhere, around my mouth, moustache area which I never got pre accutane (cysts and the areas). I never lost hope but I was bit worried the longer my course was going and pimples were
  2. DAY 87 Haven't updated in a while but that's mainly due to not that much significant news to report. My flare up from going up to 40mg or the initial breakout whatever it was has calmed down a lot. I'm still breaking out every couple of days so I'm no where near the finish line in terms of being fully clear. When I was going through my bad stage in month 3, I started getting couple of cysts which before accutane was a rarity. My face was itchy as hell and I thought it would never end. Hopefully
  3. I started on 10mg first month and 20mg second for mild/moderate acne and the dry and red face did not come until towards the end of my 2nd month. It all went smoothly the first two months until i went up to 40mg a day, had a pretty bad IB that's only starting to clear up now but it's clearing up nicely, my bacne has improved heaps and my forehead hardly breakouts now. So most likely, your gonna see the drug in action when your dosgage is a bit higher
  4. DAY 68 just started month 3 a week ago, bad news to report, my acne has flared up and im getting breakouts constantly throughout the day, even a huge cyst which I usually never get, it's as bad as before I went on accutane. Face beginning to get unbearably dry and itchy. seems like just yesterday I was overwhelmed with the progress as the first month and a half I was just getting improvements day by day. I was only on 10-20mg so that could explain the improvements but now I am on 40mg for the
  5. What dosage's were you on month by month if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I just got raised to 40 mg today but I still have a whole months worth of 10mg pills. Pretty sure doctor said to take all 40mg at night so just wondering would it be safe to take four 10mg pills at once after my dinner or will I explode? obviously I'd rather take two 20mg but I don't want to waste the pack I have and I currently don't have prescription for the 20mg. Please help!
  7. 4 months does sound a bit on the risky side, did you derm suggest you finished at this time or did you actually reach your culmative dosage and was ready to be off it?, and about the derm situation, is there any chance you can give him/her a ring and get a new prescription sent out to you urgently. Best of luck with what you choose to do and hopefully next time you write again it'll be to tell us you've been acne free for months
  8. has the colder showers helped? I'm curious as I get redness on my face and spots after them
  9. Hang in there bud, live life to the best of your ability and know in a few more months you will have amazing clear skin. I'm on the same road as you, mild acne 19yrs old and just about to begin month 3. Currently on 20mg a day but should be going up to 40 when I start month 3. I saw results instantly my first 2 months then had a bit of a relapse towards the end of my 2nd. Everyone will react differently to this drug, perhaps up your dosage and give it another full month and see where you go from
  10. DAY 51 Anyone who has been following my log, this past week or so i hit a road block with my accutane treatment, my skin was continuously getting better and was the best it's been in a while through the whole first month and start of 2nd, however I was still getting minor breakouts that were very annoying so i decided to use predinisolone which is a steroid drug that reduces inflammation and stops breakouts and mainly controls your initial breakout. It was a miracle drug, got rid of actives a
  11. DAY 49 Hitting a road block atm with accutane, been getting breakouts everyday now which makes no sense since my skin was only clearing and getting better the whole first month, have read though it's normal to breakout when you up your dosage or just randomly throughout your course. My derm appointment can't come fast enough, need to discuss this with him and the possibility of upping my dosage
  12. DAY 47 Getting so close to two months now, time has past so quick. Last couple nights been breaking out in small amounts. Just a couple of small ones and one or two normal sized pimples that I used to get, very annoying as since i've been on accutane my skin has been better then ever and that was the standard I was used to. Lips were pretty cracked this morning but then I remembered I haven't been using my carmex for about 2 days now. besides that nothing else to report
  13. i am taking my health very serious but this is something i have researched and talked to my derm about and a couple of drinks every now and then is safe. If my blood test results come back different or not healthy in any way, i have no problems stopping and going cold turkey on alcohol for the rest of my course, simple as that.
  14. i resist as much as i can but being a 19 year old at his first year of uni, you can understand how its a bit hard
  15. just like to stop by and praise accutane some more, in the 1 and half months i have been on it, my skin has been no where near as bad as it used to be and this is only after 1 month of low dose treatment. My side effects have been minimal to none. I have been consuming alcohol on a weekly basis due to the fact many of my mates bdays are during this period or coming up but only say 2-3 beers every week, will be asking for a derm referral for a blood test (as its free) in just over a month to make