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  1. Wait 15 minutes, sometimes even longer (as Dan recently said) during the summer time. It's REALLY humid here in north Texas during the summer, and I wait 16 to 17 minutes.
  2. First of all, I noted that you do have friend(s) to talk to, as well as a boyfriend. That's really important I think, to be able to share your deepest feelings about yourself with other people. I think that's really good and theraputic. Second of all (and this is just my own theory), it's not the acne itself that makes anyone ugly, it's the social anxiety that eventually comes with it. Studies show that those with acne, children and adults alike, get social anxiety once they realize the acne isn
  3. Not to the point where it disrupts the entire movie, but at passing glances from time to time yes. For sure.
  4. 1) Twice a day, and don't use hand soap ever. Find a Cetaphil cleanser at your local store for like $3 (it's really cheap), or something affordable. Look at Dan's list of recommended cleansers for more help! The soap dissolves mantle layers of the skin and can cause really bad irritation and drying, and will hamper your acne not help it. 2) As a rule I personally don't pop pimples. But there's a page on this board that says it can be helpful, and even healthy. Don't do it until it is "white" on
  5. A kid in my Computer Maintanance class my senior year said once or twice that I had "herpes of the face". Honestly, I just laughed at how silly of a comment it was. The only stuff that really get to me is when a family member or close friend says something (and only my little sister does, but that's very seldom).
  6. It's completely human to feel a bit subconcious about oneself I think. I don't think there's anything ridiculous or extraordinarily wrong with you feeling a bit overshadowed by your older siblings. But you have to realize that you have qualities and gifts they don't. You also have to realize that these feelings are going to do nothing but poison your self-esteem in the long run! Personally, you sound like a pretty deep, thoughtful girl. That's one of my favorite qualities in a person right there
  7. Alright, cool thanks. So I'll just pat dry my face with a clean towel after workout, and go about my business until the 12-hour mark. And then go swimming during the day and do the same thing. I agree, it can be inconvenient...stupid acne.
  8. Well, you're here on the acne.org boards...I'd recommend taking a look at "recommended supplies" and seeing about ordering some products and/or going to the store for some approved products. Dan's BP is probably the best BP you'll find out there, and another month and three weeks might just net you some good improvements before you meet with your dermatologist to talk about your options. Don't use any soap products, and don't be harsh with your face, whatever you do. Even if you don't use Dan's
  9. Of course! I know how frustrating the regimen can be, and lord knows I know how frustrating acne itself is. I hope you continue to clear-up!
  10. I disagree with the opening post. The WORST thing when you have acne is your mind. The paranoia, the self-esteem problems, the reclusiveness. It becomes your own worst enemy.
  11. It's extremely crazy what acne does to our lives...amen. Man, your words resonate perfectly with me. Lemon juice, proactive, antibiotics, cucumber mask, I've done all of it just like you. I hope the Accutane helps you achieve what you're looking for, but I assure you people are NOT thinking "Man his skin looks terrible" every time they look at you. I think that way too sometimes...or I used to. Over the past year I made a resolution to go out on weekends, say "yes" to social events when I don't