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  1. I went to my new dermatologist today. I really liked him. I am going to take some Doxy which I have done before but he took care of my cystic issues on the spot. This evening just a few hours later things look more even. I will keep everyone posts. I am not sure what cream I am gettin as it is out of stock. But stayed tuned. I was very pleased.
  2. Sometimes we sacrifice taste for what we want.
  3. desertone

    No Pill, No Gain

    I like it I think it gives it some shape and yet you can still be you. I should blog up the things I need to work on after I get some stuff taken care of I need to do. I hope you are liking it too. Everyone has something to give. It's is finding our strengths that can sometimes be tricky.
  4. Oh good luck with a new job! My aunt cooked for years and kept atsrigent above the stove and always had great skin. Funny how it plays out for different people.
  5. desertone

    No Pill, No Gain

    Well, did you fancy a hair cut today for the New Year?
  6. I remembered why I had issues with vitamins and meds. I have the zinc and fish oil and it's tough to keep them down. The same goes for prescription meds I have had. Though I know you are supposed to take them with food I wonder if there was any tricks. I can't walking around feeling icky trying to hold them down.
  7. To relieve stress you could try progressive relaxation therapy. Ignore the fancy term. All it means it you sit in a comfortable spot and slowly tighten, hold, and then release muscles until you feel lower stress. The point of it kind of was to be able to do in in the bathroom stall at work, a car while in traffic.. places you need a quick fix. So say for your arms, you make fists and flex all your arm muscles, then hold, then release. Then other muscles groups...
  8. I read your post, hair is a personal thing and everyone will have an opinion on what you should do with it. Trust me! Some people love my hair long, some love it short, some curly, and some straight. The #1 thing people say is I should be a brunette. My hair looks dark in the pic, but it's kind of a mixed blonde of top and a dark bottom (It's really dark blonde). I can always suggest you people watch for someone with similar hair type to you with a style you would do and find out who did it, but
  9. I don't have any to share except the ones I have thought. You know that movie, "Death Becomes Her?" Where she needs that paint to look right. I remembered after reading the previous post about using paint. I have wished for Spackle rather than makeup. I went riding yesterday with a head sock and wished I could wear it all the time, but I am not Michael Jackson Booo Hisss....
  10. I checked out the pictures! They look really great! It's so hard to post a before and I thank the brave people who do because it really helps people who are struggling. The two doctors weren't so bad. The first well it was expensive to go, but not expensive like some options out there. He was very aggressive with creams and medications, but he also owned a spa next door and he wanted you to received pricey treatments and products there also. I was not opposed to the treatments, but I though I mi
  11. It will take me awhile long to compile what I have done so I thought it would be easier to tell you what I am doing. My skin is broke out really bad right now, and has been for awhile. So I think with the holidays passed I shall detox my food though. I have this product called Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals facial peeling. I like it because it rubs off the dead outer cells and I did it for 3 days (I don't like to do it in one sitting), with 1 day break in between. I like the Cetaphil moisturizer
  12. Well, right now I am starting fresh. I don't expect any miracles. To be rid of it would be a dream, but I am trying to think more realistically. I have been through 2 doctors and my fair share of crazy products. I was a very diligent patient though. Ha I can't even think of what my expectations might be... I just don't want disappointment with hopes that are too high. It's very bad right now. Have you have any success?
  13. I guess I will have to just go and try it I will come back and tell everyone how it is going. I can't exactly afford to hide, but no one ever really can.
  14. I was that annoying kid with the beautiful skin everyone wanted to touch. People would obsess over wanting my skin regimen. My regimen was a bar of Dove soap and occasional dab of toothpaste in an emergency and I miss those days. I guess I have had adult acne since I was 21, so for 13 years. It started out as a few pimples here and there and then it got worse. At any given time my face may have a horrid "beard" of acne and last year my neck joined in. Especially around my jaw line. Like anyone
  15. Thank You guys it really means a lot! Paul I saw you comment on another board and had thought wow he really sounds like he feels the same way I do sometimes. I feel like my low confidence is affecting me from making work relationships so I took a leap and applied to be a substitute for a new location where nobody knows me or what I used to look like. I got the call today that I can begin immediately. I will have to solely rely on my skills and learning to be confident at work to land the long