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  1. I noticed it more too! Some people have scars, so I can tell they used to have acne, and many more people than I initially realized have imperfections also. I guess cause I have acne myself, I look more for other people's, you know? I try to look everyone in the eye too. I know a lot of times it feels like we're alone in this, and its nice to know we're not.
  2. I was on Tazorac for about 5 months and it did absolutely nothing for me. It barely made my skin dry or irritated at all. No more acne, no less acne. Weird, huh?
  3. What a scumbag!!! The guy sounds like a real asshole. And the girl is SOOO stupid... her boyfriend cheated on her and she's still with him? SHE'S the one being used, in my opinion. Hang in there girl. You are better than both of them.
  4. I had the exact same problem when I was on Accutane. My derm said that my hair "probably would grow back." Probably, but not 100%. I had to stop taking it because I just didn't want to take that chance.
  5. Yeah, that's frustrating. I can't help but think that if the derm won't give you accutane, there's probably a good reason... he is a professional after all! Hang in there
  6. Thank you for your advice and encouragement, everyone! I really appreciate it. Godot, I wish I felt like that but I'm a girl with long hair - if I was a guy I would be like screw it, and just get a buzz cut, but that's not an option lol. One reason why I am glad I'm a girl is cause of the make-up... I would be in trouble without my foundation. OwlHowl I agree with you - just wear a little make up, who cares! People hopefully won't notice it that much anyway. I use Bareminerals which is a r
  7. I'm sure you all have heard the story before... had acne since I was a kid, tried everything, nothing has worked, so I started Accutane. I was thrilled, because after a few days of taking the medicine, I could see my pores tightening and oil production lessening. It was working! BUT, my hair started falling out like crazy. Every time I brushed my hair, 50+ strands would come out... way more than normal shedding. After only 15 days on the drug, I made the difficult decision to stop taking it.
  8. I am a 21 year old female, and I wanted to share my story. I have had acne since I was about 10 years old, and it would range from a few little bumps to several whiteheads to 3 or 4 huge painful cysts. I pretty much constantly had blackheads also. My acne would "migrate" from my t-zone, to my upper lip and chin, and even my chest and back. Throughout the years, I've tried everything. Nothing has worked. My acne is not severe, it is moderate, but extremely persistent. My dermatologist pre