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  1. DO NOT listen to her. Bio oil will not fix acne scars. She's probably paid by Bio Oil or something...
  2. Start off with using the tretinoin once every 3 days and then try to once every two days in a few weeks. Even my skin, after two years, gets irritated and dry if i use it everyday.
  3. Your scars are not bad in terms of scar size/depth. That discoloration all around/in your scars is what's making them look obvious. I would say mild scarring if you didn't have the pigmentation issues. Plus, they are near your beard so they don't look as obvious. Anyway, I think you need to get on Retin A/hydroquinone asap in order to get rid of the hyperpigmentation. Get glycolic acid peels every month as well in order to increase cell turnover and getting your normal skin color back. Were the
  4. I have tiny hairs in my scars as well
  5. Do NOT get dermabrasion, the risk to benefit ratio is too high. You have mild boxcar scars that are exacerbated in appearance by the redness.There have been studies that have proven that the newer a scar is, the better it can heal via treatment. So, I definitely don't agree with your doc about the one year wait. I would recommend a fractional CO2 laser like Fraxel: Repair or Deep FX 3-4 times. Tell your derm to only laser the area with the scars; there is no use of lasering your perfectly health
  6. She does have some indented scarring if you look for it. Looks like that one area on the left cheek has some shallow scars. But, the redness in them makes it hard to see.
  7. @1directionerforever Yes, diet does matter a bit but wuzy should not depend on this to get clear. For example, I went on all kinds of diets (paleo, vegan, fasting) and nothing worked. Diet does not CAUSE acne, but it could make it a bit worse. If she only goes the diet route, she could end up with new acne and new scars that will last a lifetime. @wuzy The main treatments you should get are prescription meds like birth control pills (to take care of the hormone aspect, retinoids (tazorac or r
  8. Ematrix is BS. Didn't improve my ice pick scars 1% in 4 treatments.
  9. My doc started using it after I showed him the journals in January. I'm waiting a few more months till he gets results from other patients though to make the dive. He's a plastic surgeon and also a good friend of mine.
  10. @Inspired: I'm a second year medical student at UIC, not pre med. Zavvi, I feel like you and many others are brainwashed by naturopaths because you don't understand how the body works. 3 mins of complete BS from the man you idolize 0:36-0:42 is hilarious! Rapid fire bullshit 'Dr.' Morse' claims that acne medications don't work and thinks that sweating a lot and avoiding dairy and proteins (apparently causes acid production) will cure acne. He continues rambling that lymphatic
  11. inspired i assume you think i am Ellamaria since i posted about this as well. Inspired i was just like you thinking this is rubbish enter life with an open mind anything is possible please inspired do sent a question to this man at [email protected],com he will answer any question you have No Zavvi, I wasn't thinking of you, and didn't know you believed in natural remedies for curing true acne scars. I was thinking of another poster who has the exact same writing style as Ell
  12. Just use a good primer and your scarred pores will be concealed