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  1. Maybe applying pure Aloe Vera to the irritated skin will help with the redness and inflammation? Or using a face wash containing Aloe Vera will help better. I agree with everyone else when they say Cetaphil can be the cause of the inflammation. Cetaphil caused many inflammation spots and broke me out bad!
  2. Sounds like maybe an ingrown hair getting infected? If it doesn't hurt then it's probably not a zit. I would rub some aloe vera or vitamin e on it just in case it's an emergin cyst or pimple.
  3. There is no conclusive that "masturbation" causes Acne. Some people think it may affect due to the fact that hormones play a part in the role of acne but that doesn't mean that's the culprit. And picking your skin with a needle is bad enough even though it has alcholol. You're just going to end up irritating your skin even worse. Oxy pads do come in handy when have a breakout and often they've been known as the best pads you can get. Be careful of the Oxy wash though, since it contains 10% BP a
  4. Usually 40% of people who try Accutane, get their acne "cured" and 80% of people get mostly clear and 10% of people still have it bad... according to the drug admistration website. I think if you try a second course of Accutane treatment, you're acne may go away for good. Make sure you look up drugs that may have affected with your 1st Accutane treatment. For instane taking ibuprofen can seriously mess up with you're results along with zyrtec,allegra,etc...
  5. Wow i'm using this Epiduo gel that is suppose to last me about 2 months and i'm only 1 month into the treatment and i have like a little left! hmmmm.... maybe buy some more online since i can't refill it until next month!! and i'm seriously considering Accutane due to the fact that several months on antibiotics is not working out for me. though i will probably start in june due to the fact i'll be out for school and i when i have my IB, i won't feel as bad about it. And just found out some of
  6. Deinitely the AcneFree Purifying Gel Cleanser. It contains the 2.5% BP rather than the 10% BP that you would find in other over the counter medications.
  7. Wow just got done watching Smallville Season 4 episode called Facade. Wish there was a such thing as a kryptonic needle surgery that can zap all your acne overnight. Lol although the side effect of kissing someone else would make them go insane. Just comes to show how bad Acne can affect teenagers everywhere. And i also lked how the Lois was saying how beauty is from the inside and Mrs. Fine replied back with "the only people who say that is when they already have it on the outside..." so true.
  8. I have not picked at my pimples in a long time... ( about several months actually) My face is naturally red at the time due to the fact that i'm using BP but it seems to slowly been working although i've been recieving comments that i look like i'm sunburnt. And i'm currently using Epiduo and that has been helping my current pimples and future pimples but it has not been working towards my deep cysts under my skin ( which mainly consists my red blotchiness)
  9. Make sure to not to use it everyday or else your skin may become too dry. It also has (i think) anti-inflammatory properties because my skin was less red whenever i had used it.
  10. Being crippled in an acne ridden life has caused me grief for the past year or so, trying desperately not to look in mirrors for the sake of shedding tears. You may say i now have the fear of mirrors or reflections. What i used for my advantage every day is now the facade mess of what i endure. Although my acne comes and goes as it pleases, it's nice to know my skin does not heal the way i want it to. Red marks or i guess hyperpigmentation, is the culprit of my disease. I curse the day my skin
  11. I would say just waiting for it to go away on its own would be about several months but there things you can do to speed up the healing process. 1. Drink plenty of water 2. AHA and Emu Oil work terrific on post acne marks 3. Fish Oil Vitamins 4. Applying Ice can often reduce the redness of the marks
  12. Using AHA is a great way to get rid of stubborn red marks left by acne. I would recommend using Neutragena Deep Clean Cleanser (w/ AHA). I've been using it for only 1 week and everyone is commenting about my face being less red and inflamed.