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  1. So I guess I'm sort of four months late in posting, I see. I"m sure the thousands of followers are disappointed, but life got in the way. But I took a picture of one of those F-ing little "no pregnant girl" tabs that litter my house in the strangest places (how did one get in my refrigerator?). Something tells me I'll be finding these all over for some time. So here's the deal: I think it worked. But I have a feeling my acne will probably come back. Just a hunch, but because every once in
  2. I'm just past my one month mark (hit last week). I went to the derm and they added another 20mg, bumping me up to 60mg/day. As a 180# male, it's still not the "standard" 80mg/day that is typical for my weight, but I'm okay with that. Derm told me that if I noticed side effects were too much, to simply just stop the 20mg extra, and I could consider, as many do, to stay on the lower dose for a couple or three more months than just the five total. I opted to at least try the 20mg. Side effect
  3. Two weeks in so far. Yeah, only 18 weeks left? Wow, that's springtime in these parts and well with snow measured in the feet outside, I guess I have a while. Day 14 is not much different than day 7 was. I have yet to have any side effects beyond slightly chapped lips which go away immediately with Blistex or Aquaphor. In fact, I've not really been using moisturizer after washing my face other than sunscreen on days when I know I'll be outside a lot. If I'm still using the scale, I'd say
  4. Thanks Liz. I'm happy with Blistex Medicated and Aquaphor so far, but I think everyone is different. I have a feeling I'll be getting a big dosage increase at my next Dr's visit--I just don't think this is having much effect so far. Hope I didn't just jinx myself..
  5. You probably weight a lot less than I do; I'm 180-185, and on the same dose. Perhaps why you're experiencing a lot more dry lips than me. But I hope it goes well for you.
  6. Today will be the day I take my 8th pill, and I thought I'd update on how it's going: My first post was a bit of an isolated incident so far. While I did experience dryness within a few hours of my first dose, my side effects nearly all went away the next day, including dry lips to the point of really needing much more than an occasional Blistex Medicated or Aquaphor application. I may be on a very low dose, or that my body just isn't reacting, I'm not having ANY side effects, and I joke w
  7. I took my first dose at 5pm, and less than 12 hours later already noticed the drying out of my mouth, my lips, and eyes. Woke up this morning with some peeling on my lips and very dry mouth and eyes. Drank a ton of water today so far, put on Blistex medicated and it's mostly fine. I plan on using: Cetaphil cleanser for face Trader Joe's lemon verbena soap for rest of body CerAv face moisturizer if I need it Blistex medicated or Aquaphor (whichever works better) I started my course wit
  8. Me: Age: 43 Sex: Male Weight: 180-185 Dosage: 40/mg (to start)/day Drug: Amnesteem (generic) Course: 2nd, last took in 1996 Last night was the night I finally popped my first pill. This is my second (or second and a half, really) course of Accutane. I took it back in 1995, and again in 1996 six months after but stopped treatment without finishing. I'm not sure why I did that, but my skin was relatively clear. Keep in mind back then the internet wasn't full of forums with posts abou
  9. I know all the advice I read is to not dose up on Vitamin A, and not to even eat lots of vegetables that contain high Vitamin A (squash, carrots, yams, etc) while you're on Accutane. I don't know about before, but I'd be wary. My derm told me he'd put me on a topical if I wanted one during treatment (obviously not Retin A or other drying topicals), so Differin seems like a fair attempt to avoid anything like an IB.
  10. It depends on your weight (and likely your gender but I'm not sure about that). I think the standard seemed to be 1mg per 1kg of weight (you can do the conversion from lb to kg). So if you weight 80kg (I think that's close to 180) normal is about 80/mg a day. However I think most Derms like to start you light then move you up as you progress. I read a lot of the forum posts here and elsewhere and some folks get put on huge dosage and they seem to be the ones with the biggest side effects, so I'
  11. I am about to start an Accutane regimen of 40mg/day (single pill) and was curious what other middle-aged males have found in terms of the differences between dosages, the generics (I was offered a few different ones but haven't picked them up yet), and experiences vs. the more typical user here of the drug who tends to be much younger, and female (no offense, guys, I read through all yours, too!) I'm 180-185lbs, in great health, but living in a very dry climate and expecting very similar side e