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  1. There is no name, I just had to get it compounded.
  2. thanks. If anyone else reading this is curious, the topical treatment is going well. It's kind of a liquid consistancy--like a toner. I had a little breakout initially, but it's clearing up nicely and as of right now I have no active marks with no side effects. We'll see how it goes!
  3. My derm just perscribed me a topical version of spironolactione and said it was a new thing dermatologists are doing. I've taken the pills before but never a topical. Anyone have before? Thanks!
  4. I was given one free month supply of Solodyn by my derm and it cleared up my acne right away. When I ran out and went to get a perscription refilled, my insurance didn't cover it at all and it was almost $900. Didn't take it, of course, and then my acne came back. Is there a generic of Solodyn or a way I can get it online safely? Wondering if anyone else had problems with their insurance not covering Solodyn.
  5. my theory is that the pills just increases your appetite. I've gained maybe 5-10lbs in the past on birth control pills and found it very difficult to get rid of the weight. If you're just careful about what you eat you should be fine, I think.
  6. I just finished my first pack of Lo Loestrin Fe...I had mostly (about 95%) clear skin before I started this pill and now my face has broken out like CRAZY. Should I just tough it out and keep taking it? Or should I ask for another pill/ stop taking them? I want my clear skin back.
  7. I feel so great after working out! When I first went from no exercise at all to working out every day my skin kinda freaked out. Actually sort of like an IB! It's all better now and I think it actually is helping my skin now.
  8. Really? I never drink but the few times I have I noticed my skin flaired up like crazy every time. So I avoid any alcohol now.
  9. is this thread still going? really guys? really? save some of your dignity won't you. lmao you guys are disgusting.
  10. I switched from a moderate dose of Retin-A to a strong dose of Tazorac and never got another IB. Though what I did was use the new stuff every other day for a week or so. that might have made a difference?
  11. This is a weird question, but can retinoids cause moles to appear on your face? I was on Retin-A for a month and then Tazorac for a month...which isn't a long time. I've had a tiny (flat) black dot on my cheek for a half a year or so. Suddenly in the last week it has appeared to have grown a couple sizes larger. ...did my medicine make a mole appear on my face or is this just a weird acne scar? I'm not prone to moles and don't have but one or two on my whole body so I thought this was qui
  12. I'm using Tazorac for acne of course, but I've also heard it is good for preventing wrinkles. Is this true? If so, would it hurt to dab a bit around the corners of my eyes to prevent wrinkles in the future?
  13. Aw, let her know we're rooting for her! I know how she feels, I started getting bad acne at age 10 and it was quite rough being the only one at school with acne at that age. (I'm 21 now.) I'm glad things are looking better for her! It takes a lot of experimenting with different medicine combinations to manage difficult acne. Things will always get worse before they get better, so hang in there! You're a great mom for doing this research for her.
  14. Hi guys! My derm put me on a mixture of Tazorac, Sodium Sulfacetamide/Sulfur foam, and Clindamycin for my topicals. She told me to use the Cetaphil face lotion with SPF in it, but whenever I put it on it's burning my face! I never used to have this problem, so I think it's because these topicals are making my face so dry. Any tips? Should I get a new moisturizer? Any recommendations?
  15. from a girl's point of view, we can look past acne if a guy is super confident in himself. The downside is that most people with acne are pretty insecure.