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  1. Well when I started the regimen I immediately noticed that applying BP Morning & Night really had my skin red and irritated. Within a couple of days I switched to just applying BP at night, that is when redness & Flakiness started to disappear. There were nights when I got to lazy to wash up and apply BP so I would end up with a breakout the following morning, but now I can miss applying BP sometimes two nights in a row and I do not break out!!! Honestly on my first month the regimen h
  2. Well I reached my two months marked a few days ago and just wanted to mention that the regimen worked for me. I am clear and now so very confident. Whats funny is I have been so confident on my clear skin that I have intentionally missed many nights of not washing/applying BP the past two week and I have not broken out!! This past week I have probably applied BP maybe twice. Thankyou guys for all your help and good luck to the rest!
  3. Just a update I have not drank alchohol since New Years just to see if my skin will stay clear. And amazingly it has. Whats even funnier is I have become so confident that I started to fall off the Acne.org regimen and have not been doing it religiously. There has been so many nights after New Years where I did not even wash up at night. BUT for some reason I am clearer than before....
  4. "yeah, that makes sense. Drink alcohol! clear your acne and destroy your liver... " Hrmnn if you have not notice I only drank that night on new years eve have not drink since! and Im still noticeably clearer. Also it is possible to drink alcohol in moderation =)
  5. I am still more clearer than before no breakouts!! NO LIE! Maybe I should drink again before it comes back! Wonder how long this will last considering its been 7 days now since I last drank.
  6. Okay here is my reason behind this...Before New Years I have not consumed a drop of Alcohol for over 5 years. On New Years EVE was the first night I started to drink again. I drank 4 beers and took 1 shot of Jack daniels and I was pretty twisted. The next morning until today my face seems to be so much clearer... is this just a coincidence or what!!
  7. its freezing in my room...it happened again this morning LOL
  8. I woke up this morning and my jojoba oil was frozen!! I used a blow dryer to bring it back to liquid form, will this affect its purity?
  9. I have finally reached my first month on DK regimen and lastnight I was at a x-mas family party and everyone complimented on my skin =) So basically I like the results so far...thankyou DAN
  10. yeah its wise to wash face after shampoo... I mean didnt we learn this when we were 3? Start at the Top end at the bottom...
  11. ah ok..i knew it had to come out..coundnt just disappear lol