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  1. dont push yourself to hard then, mayb you should tone it down abit...i also work out and this never happend to me..although ive gotten a lil lightheaded a couple of times bt not to the point where i need to puke...the only thing i can tell u is to eat something before u work out, and like i said, mayb ur pushing yourself to hard.
  2. dont even bother reading the negative comments on accutane...personally, i rather not know what these pple have to say about it. Dont think about it too much, it is what it is...yes its a heavy duty drug, bt thats why its so monitored....ull be fine...side effects are manageable. no pain no gain my friend.
  3. umm i know ive read from other pple that acctuane stays in your system for 30 days, BUT i asked my derm on my last appointment and she said acctuane stays in your system for 7 DAYS. idk..who knows whats the real truth, just thought i should let u know what my derm said. and yes, sotret is nowhere to be found, wtf is up with taht..im pissed...i dontmind taking claravis thou..its w.e
  4. unfortunately yes, its normal and the IB could last up to 3 months...month 3 is the usual time where pple start seeing results...im actuallly on month 3 and im finally gettin over the IB....i know its hard, bt think of it this way...all that shit thats coming to the surface is prolly the acne u were gonna have in monthsss..so just be patient and keep on with your routine! it WILL get better...just give it some time..everyone goes, well almost everyone goes thru the IB...so just hang in there. no
  5. I also had a rash on my hands, i believe its called eczema....nothing serious. the only way you can prevent it is by moisturising as much as possible and by avoid hard soaps (like when youre washing dishes or w.e, try putting on gloves or just use a very mild soap.
  6. its hard to tell whether youre gonna have an IB. i had one too, still have one actually lol...i had mild acne, and i broke out like crazy around my jawline (i never broken out there bfore), bt its suppose to get worse before it gets better, so if your gonna take accutane, be ready for the IB. no pain no gain my friend
  7. Hayy, its really up to you, i tried several creams and what not before i hopd on accutane; yes there are side effects, and everyone reacts differently so i couldnt tell you how youre side effects are going be like. But just know that the most common side effects are manageable, at least they have been for me. so i say go for it, acne sucks, and it limits you to the fun things in life...good luck with your treatment! and remember, no pain no gain
  8. hey everyone, im sorry i havent posted in a while..i just been hellah busy with school. sooo i just finished my second month on accutane 40mg, and let me just tell u how difficutl and rough this month was for me! whoaooo...i thought i had the IB in the 3rd week of my first month but boy was i wrong lol basically i broke out like crazy this month, especially around my jawline...i had to stop shaving lol bt yea it was pretty bad, cysts, big inflammed bumps, and they hurt really bad :/ to this was
  9. well day 31, i just had my follow up appointment today! surprisingly, im still gonna take 40mg this month, which is fine since im actuallly seeing relatively good progress! and im a lightweight (140lbs) i woulda prefered taking at least 60mg bt its cool..i was told i will be on accutane for another 3 months or 4! I can finally say my nose is 95% blackhead clear! everyday, when i wash my face, these fuckers just fall off, and it feels great to see teh pore just clean nd clear lol my chin has li
  10. helloooo well day 20 over here. Im still recovering from the IB. im still breakin out tho..bt just not as bad as i was 10 days ago. My face feels alot smoother, and i can see my pores closing up lil by little. The blackheads on my nose are driving me insane; theyre falling but i want em out now! lol im thinking of steaming my face so i can squeeze those fuckers out grrr, or bad idea? My lowerback still hurts, and my body is starting to itch. My eyes are hella dry and im stating to see blurry.
  11. i tried cetaphil moisturizer and it was too greasy on my skin. PLus it left me shiney as hell...so now im using cerave; im loving it. It soaks right in your skin leaving it smooth and non greasy. u should give it a try :]
  12. hello accutanerss, well today is day 15 for me. So its safe to say im one of those people who get the IB lol ive been breaking out this past week like crazy, even on my forehead, which was relatively clear before i hoppd on accutane. Oh and theres like little black heads coming out from my neck, but mayb its my skin flaking lol my chin is the worst part lol, im gettin little bumps and they hurt like a bitch. My nose has been bombarded with blackheads, but i think theyre just finally coming out
  13. I hope eveyrone is doing fine! well DAY 10 for me. Lets start with my acne. I think im going thru the IB lol cuz im breakin out like almost evryday, specially on my chin and back of neck. Im getting small white heads..oh i got a f**in cyst right next to my eye lol Its not horrible really, ive managed to keep it sorta under control where its not as noticeable. I just hope it doesnt get worse! lol bt its all gravy, still going strong! > As for side effects, well, just like evryone, my lips are
  14. good luck on ur 2nd course kimberly! im sure ull be clear in a month or 2..ur acne is not that bad ;] oh i just started accutane too..im on my 4th day tho haha
  15. good luck broski..i just started accutane as well...im like 3 days behind u lol...lets do this!