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  1. its been a year since i have been off roac... and i am begining to get acne again.... my forehead is really bad and painful I hate it!!!! Iam going to get an appointment with my GP this week....
  2. i did ask my derm again and she said it was ok and to just carry on using it....the rash like think has gone away now but it hasleft my skin really really dry and flakey and a few days ago i got a massive spot on my chin which killed me.... and then that went but left a big mark and today i haveone coming up on my right ckeek which isannoying....scars are still there obviously.... i hate this.... why coulnt i just come off the tane when everything hand just gone.....?????im begining to dislike m
  3. Post Tane!!!!I told you myderm gave me differin to apply 2 to 3 times a week at night!!!well the first day i applied it my skin go sooooo so so sos SO dry that its all flaky and like a really rough sandpaper.....i went to see my GP and he gave me more HYDROMOLwhich i am applying butits notgetting rid of the flakes....what shall i do? why is it happening...????HELP!!
  4. i have justfinished an 18 week course of roaccutane and my dermatologisthas put me on differin she asked me to apply it 2 to 3 timesa week at night and the first day i applyed it to my chin and jaw area it made my skin SO SO SO dry and flakey its so bad that it hurts... i went to seemy GP because my derm has now discharged me... and my GP said stop using until the skin is nit so dry he gave me HYDROMOL to apply as frequently as required and asked me to useit like a soap to wash and shen my skin
  5. OMG... i came off tane three days ago and i have the same problem.... but my bumps are on my chin and jaw line.... I have tried to think what it could have been but the only thing i did differently was apply the SMALLEST amount of diff on mt chin and cheeks and the next day i got these bumps.... but misteriou;y i didnt get them on my cheekc just my chin.... you can see them but you can feel the bumpyness and i hat that especially because while i was on it my skin was sooo soo SO soft.... i
  6. hi i hadmy last derm appointment the other day and i too have red marks whci the derm told me would face in 4-6 moths maybe even a year and not to have ant kind of treatment and that if i needed it she will refer me to a specialist but she reassured me that i wouldnt need to and i trust her judgement.... she did how ever give me a cream vitamin A to apply 2-3 times a week no more because my skin is really sensitive as will yours be but said i have to start to use it 3 weeks after not beeing on r
  7. Stress Head

    Day 38

    wait till you get in to your 3rd or 4th month... then you will know what the joint pain thing is all about... its early days....in fact i hope you dont get it because no one deserves that kind of pain but if you do you will understand what othera are going through....i got it and still do but i just bare with it because if it means i will not be spotty any more then bring on the pain...good luck!
  8. i had my final appointment with the dermatologist on tuesday 23rd Feb...Ishouldhave had my last 50mgof tane yesterday but i thought id ween myself off it so decided to have 25mg today and 25mg tomorrow..... ha ha ha ha not much of a weening!!!! but heyit made me feelbetter... i didnt and still dont like the thought of just coming off them stranight away in one day... my body might be thinking "where's the accutane?".... and then i might suddenly break out!!!! im dreading that... i asked my de
  9. valantines day!!!! how awful... no one to get me any lovely presis and no one to be lovey dovey with!!!! i am so anti valantines day this year!!! any way on a more positive note my face is looking ok... not brilliant but better than it used to..... im on half term at the mo... so just cilling out... planning on going to stay with my brother during the week.... i have an appointment with my derm on 23rd feb my derm said on my last appointment that i will not need any more but im hopi
  10. i have been on Roaccutane for 16 weeks and last week i did 5 days without washing my hair thats a record.... my hair is so dry and washing it too much is not good for it.. I have long medium thickness hair.... I didnt need to wash it but fealt it would have been really dirty if i didnt but my hair wasnt actually dirty... it still looked good!!!!! LOL
  11. thanks hun...have you been on accutane for 5 months i have been on it for less...i wold love to be on it for a bit longer because i still feel like i will get some break outs around my mouth(bottom lip area) i can feel some pain and lumps where i feel some spots may appear in a few days...im really acared that once i am off it imight start to break out like i did before... then what will i do!!!??? 9im so worried...in total l will have been on it for 18 weeks....... not long really 4 months an
  12. i was like you but in my 3rd month maybe i=even 4th i satrted to seethe changes and i am soooo happy with my skin at the koments... its not perfect but its far better than it was so just keep at it and PLEASE dont stress that makes it worse... trust me I KNOW>....good luck!x..
  13. I haved been on this for a while been busy with work. My personal life has settled down a bit now.. im coping REALLY well at the moment. my skin is looking so so so so soooo much better when i loomk at pictures from over 15 weeks ago i look awful and oily and greesy and waxy but now my face is really soft looking and i have been told i look peechy!!! what ever that means... but dont get mewrongi do have some nasty red/purple scars on my cheeks where i had that massive clusterof spots a few
  14. OMG... I have lost 1.5 stones (21 pounds) while on accutane.. this bone density thing is really really begining to worry me... i thought it was due to the stress i had been under for the past couple of months... and nowi have to stress about "bone density" WTF...i have to wait until monday to speak to my derm... i am going to be a nervous stressed out skinny wreck... i have lost sooo much weight.... andi only just noticed it when some of my friends commented on it!!!! (nasty cows)