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  1. Awwe Thank you! I wish you the best of luck on your treatment too, Ill check hows it going for you:))
  2. Day 22- End of Month 1: Hey guys...So far so good. Only side effects are dry lips and headaches once in awhile. My face is not completly clear and im still breaking out but im improving I went for my first month check in and my derm is going to keep me on 20mg a day because she said everything is going well, but next month she will bump me up to 40 mg a day.
  3. Day 15-21 Almost done with the firstt month im excited about that. Well Accutane can be pretty unpredictable. During the first 3 weeks I was clearing up significantly but during the last few days im starting to break out not as bad as i was prior accutane but just a little upsetting ofcourse because who wants more acne. Well as for side effects uhmm same dry lips somedays they are drier than others. Also a little lower back pain...kind of feels like when you work out and your muscles are sore,
  4. I havent been able to come on for a few days but here is my update:)) Day 7-14: Everything seems to be going really good. No side effects; well except starting day 13 my lips are becoming more chapped but still not bothersomee to me. My acne is clearing upp and im not breaking out on a daily basis like i used to. I get a few pimples a week. Oh and red marks are SLOWLY fading..but atleast they are. Ugh the pores on my cheeeks bother me because they are small but still annoying to look at while i
  5. Ok guys so i promised to update every week so here it goes. DAY 1-7: First few days I had mild headaches but now they are gone:) Around day 6 my lips became slightly chapped but nothing too noticable! As for the good news I have only gotten 2-3 pimples since i started accutane and the rest of my face is just red marks from pastt pimples. I hope they heal soon because it looks bad. To concludee everything seems to be working and I do not have any complaints.
  6. No go to another pharmacy at first my insurance was not sure to cover but my derms office send in paperwork and they approve well before this when i went to the pharmacy they said since my insurance didnt approve the medicine would be 247 for a months supply. Some pharmacies also have a plan that cover a portion of the meds. like walgreens
  7. Yeah so far so good! Im liking it:) I was just wondering why the people i know as well as many members on this website were on claravis/sotret and not many were on amnesteem. But thanks guysss.
  8. Congrats!! Im really happy for you! I just started mines 4 days ago and so far so good just some mild headaches thats about it. you should always mosturize though! Goodluck:)
  9. Im taking 20 mg a day and i just started like you. After three hours i was dizzy and had a mild headache. I believe it will go away after the first week. And everytime your derm raises your dosage for the first week you will probably feel this way too.
  10. Hey guyss. Well a little background info. I've had acne since i was 13 and it was mostly mild until about 2 years ago it got worse and Ive tried different antibiotics, topical creams, natural stuff and more. SO finally i get to accutane hopefully what is my cure to moderate persistent acne. Today after dinner i took my first pill. 20 mg. Every week Ill update how im doing and my side effects.
  11. Since my insurance already paid for it, Im just going to try it for a month then switching pharmacies to get clavaris instead. Thank you:) && goodluck on the rest of your accutane journey.
  12. My pharmacy only has amnesteem and i want claravis because ive heard its better. Can anyone help me with this. My pharmacist says its all the same but im not too sure.
  13. hmm yeah that is kind of pricey and ive never heard of it before. I guess ill just keep looking for a better one. I tried the cerave cream and it made me break out. so now im not sure. I start accutane this week so any more suggestionss anyone??
  14. No worries. What you read means when you go to your derm (thursday) they will make take a urine sample and check if your pregnant. It takes a few minutes then the derm will prescribe accutane and from that day (thursday) you have 7 days to go fill and pick up your prescription.