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  1. I thought I'd post this because there's always people looking for that mystical miracle treatment of fruits, oils, and other "natural" treatments. Well, let me tell you, the only solution for a face full of acne is a visit to the dermatologist. I've tried it all, from diet to toothpaste to proactive solution. The derm. first perscribed me in 2006 Retin-A .1%, Doxycycline (a pill to take twice a day), and Clindamycine (I may be spelling that wrong, also I don't remember the percent as I stopped
  2. In response to the previous post, I agree, Derms do have a predictable routine. But I think it's necessary for someone who has never seen a doctor or anyone qualified to give them a treatment.
  3. Green Tea isn't going to do much at all. If green tea worked as an acne treatment, people wouldn't be paying tons of money for doctor perscribed treatments like accutane. Please give a list of some of the treatments you've tried. If it's all over-the-counter stuff than go to a doctor. If it's a list of doctor perscribed treatments than I suggest a more recent visit. I just went to the doctor a few days ago to switch my treatment around and he told me there was a new gel/cream that just came ou
  4. I've had worse. Yours does need to be checked out by a doctor, or better yet, a dermatologist. BP is really a bad joke, it doesn't work for people with, i guess, medium acne. BP is fine for those who are on other treatments as well but alone wont solve your problem. I suggest doing some research on things you could suggest to your doctor. For example, I was on a pill called doxycycline and, after becoming immune to it, did research and found minocycline. I suggested this to my doctor and am now
  5. My acne is pretty clear now and I'll get one from time to time in the same spot, behind my ear. They go away. When I do get one it's really not that noticeable unless someone is looking exactly behind my ear. Style your hair to cover it if you have longer hair. I haven't found a way to fix it but, for me, they're really not that noticeable. Think about it from others perspective. If I saw a guy with something like that it really wouldn't bug me at all.
  6. Retin-a in the morning, clindamycine at night, doxycycline (one pill in the morning, one at night) That's it, no multi vitamins or anything else.
  7. When I said "forget nutrition" I meant to say somthing more like this "you think that's bad? what about this..." And what I said wasn't ignorant, I dont care what your diet is. If you have severe acne, a change in diet isn't going to do much at all. Maybe if you get 2 or 3 spots every once in a while it might, but other than that.. Oh I know what you mean, acne sucks
  8. How rude. When people used to say things about my acne I just looked at the ground and waited for it to be over. Now, if someone says somthing about anyone regarding their appearance in which they have no control over I set them straight. If that docter said that to me I would make him feel horrible. I would explain to him that what he said was rude, that it hurts people's feelings, that I cant do anything about it, I would ask him why he said such a thing. People like that used to make me sad
  9. Forget nutrition Try eating in public and having your face stretch out and cause your skin to get all dry and flakey. I found a solution to this, but I'm just saying because you mentioned eating and acne and it's what I thought about. Candy doesn't make your skin break out, that is a myth. Go to a dermatologist, they'll fix you up
  10. I eat oily foods, drink pop, dont exercise (dont need to, high metabolism), and I dont wash my face in the morning or night other than during the shower. I'm sure that you're getting the impression that I'm some dirty nasty kid but I'm not. My point is, my derm. treatment keeps me completely clear regardless. From my own experiences, I've found that acne gets worse and better in how severe it is. Maybe you were just having one of those days where your face looked good and attributed it to your
  11. I had severe acne and retin-a worked great for me. Retin-a isn't crap, it's just different things work for different people. My suggestions are doxycycline and clindamycine.
  12. I remember those days, not being able to look in mirrors. Now I look in every mirror, window, and reflective surface I see. Somtimes it's because I'm having a good day and my acne isn't so bad so I like looking at my normal self. Other days it's because I'm constantly afraid I might have a whitehead or somthing. Acne is a social/mental killer definately. But your social skills can be improved once your treatments start working in the future. You'll feel more confident in yourself, meet more pe
  13. Diets, herbal medicines, and green tea dont work on acne. This isn't the stone age and these "grandma" remedies are bullshit. What do you mean by topical treatments and antibiotics? What have you taken, I might be able to help out if I knew, atleast I'd try.
  14. Vinegar? no no and no. That goes for all other "natural" treatments.