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  1. Hey guys. Just thought I'd share this website. It's very interesting and if you have suffered from acne for a while then you may want to read this. http://www.absoluteacneinfo.com/diet/glycemic.html
  2. http://www.battlediabetes.com/beer-and-diabetes/ Happy Halloween sweetie. Try this site.
  3. I saw improvements within a week, so that's why I stuck with it. Ive noticed my trigger foods and I try to stay clear of them at all costs. I am about 98%clear with just a few popping up every week. I used to get a few a day so that is a huge improvement. This eating plan has helped more than anything else has in the past.
  4. For breakfast every single morning (around 6:30-7:00 am) I eat an egg white, spinach, and mushroom omlette in olive oil. If the spinach or the mushrooms don't sound appetizing to you, you could substitute them for something else. This is a good source of protein for me in the morning and keeps me full until around 12:00 in the afternoon. For lunch I'll eat a salad or some grilled brussel sprouts. I try to incorporate veges in every single meal. For dinner around 5:30-6 pm I eat whatever kind
  5. Luckily I had not been to the endocrinologist yet. I wanted to try one more thing before spending a fortune at the doctor's. I'm glad I tried this approach before I gave up!
  6. No problem, and good luck with everything!
  7. Hey everyone! I know most people don't like to read long stories so I'm just going to come right out and tell you what has helped me clear my skin completely. Low GI. Simple as that. I know there is some controversy whether or not diet and skin are related but in my case, they are. Here's what I have found: <http://www.nutricoach.net/low_gi_foods.html> "The glycemic index (GI) is a numerical system of measuring how fast a carbohydrate triggers a rise in circulating blood sugar-the highe
  8. I have been taking Omega-3 supplements 3x a day and ground flaxseeds on my cereal every morning for two weeks and my acne has not gotten any better (at all). It seems to have gotten alittle worse. Any ideas of why?
  9. *Dairy *Fried Foods *too much cooking oil *Soy *too much sodium also seems to make me break out
  10. To everyone who replied: I appreciate your suggestions and comments. Everyone is different. The reason why I changed my diet so drastically is because I do notice a big difference when I don't eat certain foods. When I eat yogurt or drink milk...any dairy, I break out horribly. When I eat fried foods, its like rubbing the oil on my face. I am not perfect by any means. I do eat these things in moderation because it is so hard to avoid the foods I have been eating since I was little. However, th
  11. I definately agree with you on the hormonal part. My mother had acne up until she was around 23/24 years old and my father had adult acne. Both were moderate but that is probably my fate. I will read over the regimen, I'm just pretty much through with putting harsh chemicals on my face. It makes it so much worse. Thanks for your comment.
  12. My diet is almost too perfect. I eat only fruits and vegetables: grapes, mangos, apples, cabbage, brussels sprouts...the list goes on. I also eat alot of beans (lentils, pinto...etc.) and grains (Brown rice). I drink water with lemon and organic green tea every single day. I have cut out all fried foods and most meats (beef, chicken, pork). I eat alot of salmon and some tuna. I am trying to cut out dairy completely. Guess what? I STILL have acne. I have had acne for 6 years now and while i
  13. Milk is hard for me to give up also, but I have tried Coconut milk and almond milk and they are so so good. Also, try rice milk. Hope it helps!