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  1. I used to have the same problem. I have tried everything, from Gillette sensor to Gillete MAch 3 to disposables to various forms of electric razors. You name it. I finally found the solution. I now shave with a "double-edge razor". This is the old-school razor that your granfather probably used. This is what men shaved with before all the modern "cartridge" raozrs were invented. Look for a razor made by Merkur. Also, I use a shaving mug with shaving soap and apply it with a boars-hair brush.
  2. chitown77

    Neo Reg

    Nice, boys. I'm doing it too. It's been about 2 weeks or so. My skin is looking amazing. This stuuf makes a great aftershave. If you even nick your skin a little while shaving, then after you rub this all over your face, the nicks heal almost immediately while yourclears. It's like killing 2 birds with one stone.
  3. Glad to hear it. I did the B5 for 6 months, with good results. But it is very expensive and I had to take 20 pills a day. Very annoying. I was alos concerned about what it may be doing to my body, OD'ing on vitamins. When I stopped, I actually had a little detox where I broke out in little hive-like rashes on my arms. It stopped within 5 days or so, and now I am back to normal. But the Neopsorin is the sutff! I love Jessica Stuart for finding out this simple little regimen. Good luck, d
  4. The Neosporin cream, not the ointment, has been the single most effective treatment I have ever tried. I think you are making a big mistake by not trying this first, before taking B5. I have been the biggest advocate for B5, but the Neosporin works better, faster and is far less expensive. It is up to you, but check out Jessica Stuart's post and her before and after pictures. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All I do now is wash my face with Dove soap, the same thing I use t
  5. Moe If I were you I would try the Neosporin CREAM first, before the B5. The results are quicker, it is easier and FAR less expensive. Dave
  6. Hey All As you may know, I had terrific results from B-5, however, I have always had an ongoing concern as to the long-term effects of taking such a high dosage of a vitamin. Also, taking 20 pills a day is a slight pain in the ass. I have experimented with reducing the amoutn of B5 down to 5 grams, or 8 grams, and inevitably my skin would always get worse. So I would ramp back up to 10 grams to clear up. Well, after 8 months or so, it seemed like the B5 was working to keep me 90-95% clear,
  7. I've read that the skin cycle is 30 - 45 days. Therefore, if you skin is pretty bad to begin with, you experience this "initial breakout" as the skin begins clearing up and the acne that is already thee (but under the skin) starts coming to a head and the sebum gets pushed out. The nice thing is that the B5 will keep it from starting again deep in the skin, so in 2-3 months you will be 100% clear. I don't remember having an intiali breakout, however my skin was not great early on, but kept gr
  8. It's been 5 days since my last update. I have been using Anthony Logistics Acne Cleanser with 2% SA to wash my face morning and night, and at night before bed after washing I use Anthony Logistics Nighttime Acne treatment (with 2% SA). My skin is just about back to perfect. I guess these were the missing ingredients that allowed my acne to slowly creep back. The B5 has been working great, but it is important to also use SA to keep the skin exfoliated and free from getting little plugs which
  9. You should be pretty pleased with your skin by 2 months, with great results after 3. Good luck.
  10. Update - Hello everybody! It has been exactly 7 months since I started taking B5. I will say that it is the best thing I've found for my acne. I had completely cleared ym skin in just a matter of 2-3 months. I am still taking 10 grams per day. I have experimented with lowering the dosage, and when I did I found that my acne would start to come back, so i would just go back up to the 10 grams. In the last week or two, I have got a few pimples, and I am wondering why this is. I will say th
  11. Wow, that really sucks. I don't know what to suggest except to say that I have been using Solaray Brand Pantothenic Acid for months now with great success. This is my favorite. I buy it at Whole Foods Market. Are you also taking one B-Complex 100 daily and 1,000 mcg of biotin 4 times daily? That may help.
  12. Day 162 I don't know if anybody is still reading this, but I thought I'd give an update. About 2 weeks ago I went back up to 10 grams per day because at 5-6 grams, I got a couple of pimples here and there. I am now totally clear. My skin has never looked better. So I guess I will keep going at 10 grams for a while and then try to ramp down again and see if my skin stays clear. FYI
  13. chitown77


    Dude - stop the scrub IMMEDIATELY! I'll bet dollars to donuts that the scrub is what is making you breakout. The B5 will never get a chance to do its work if you are using a scrub like that daily. Trust me, I've done the Botchla regimen thing before, anf it always ends up breaking me out. If you must use a scrub (I don't know why) use it maximun once a week. You don't need it though - yu get enough exfoliation from shaving. Son't use scrubs, don't use BP. Just use a cleanser and immediate
  14. chitown77


    Keep going, dude. You have to stay on for about 3 months . You should be pretty clear by then. You are not even at month 2 yet. I had incrdible results from B5. Read my thread called "Dave's B5 Progress" in th Personal Regimen Logs section. Good luck. Dave
  15. Cynic I am worried, lightly. But I am not about to go back to having acne again. I'd rather stay clear now and take my chances. At the end of the day, I think the only real side effect MIGHT be kidney stones, however this is just somebody else's opinion, and I don't have any proof of it. I am really hoping that in a few months I can try to cut back again and see if my skin stays clear.