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  1. thanks for your replies! i am now what? 5 days post and my lips are worse than ever! they were always dry and peely, but now they are all sore, tender, blistery and bleedy. has anybody experience something similar post accutane? is it because it is still on my system? i am confused
  2. Hello guys! I just finished my course last Wednesday, and I am just wondering what can I expect. My derm is really not that helpful, so I didnt get any post Accutane advise, or any answer to my questions. He actually just said, well, you just enjoy. My skin used to be really oily, now it is really dry. Again, I have been off the med for a total of 3 days. Is my skin going to turn back to its original self? Oil wise? Is it going to be all thin and dry from now on? how about side effects? w
  3. hello guys! Day: 77, i think Day 77 already, i cant believe it! it seems like yesterday when i started this journey. i cant complain, i've had a pretty easy course. i have nothing new to report. same side effects, same clear skin. here is a pic a took last night... see you around! well, never mind. i guess i have exceded the attachment space. so i will figure it out and try again later...
  4. hey guys! thanks for stopping by... specially kell... you became my favorite person here Day: 71 Everything is great on the skin department. I even got compliments on my skin the other day at the makeup counter.... i am sure they are "required by law" to say nice things, but man, do i welcome them! Side effects are getting pretty annoying these days. i guess you win some you lose some... my lips are the worse they've been. Some days they are honestly disgusting. i am getting eczema patch
  5. Sweet! i think i may try it... send this way the names, when you get a chance :)
  6. i absolutely love what you do with your eyes (makeup)... you must share
  7. hi tamara! great news on the skin... not so good on the side effect depatment. i am having some eye issues too, i actually forgot to mention them on my log... but i read yours and i am like, ha! they just feel really blurry, it almost feels like i have allergies all the time, itchy, watery... ehhhh. hopefully everything goes back to normal soon. keep it up!
  8. i like how you say that, cause thats how my lips feel/look... permanently damaged! they are continuously peeling... big chunks, no aquaphor can take care of it. it is the worse side effect.
  9. Hey Ang! Look at me saving you from page 2! I am so glad you are finally seeing solid improvement. Nothing but the best from now on
  10. I am sooooo behind!!! Happy super belated BDAY and congratulations on your engagement. I am so happy for you. You sound like such a sweet girl and you deserve the world. AWWWWW!!!!
  11. Oh I am soooo happy everything is going well for you! I hope everything goes well with your hand issue. We dont want no nerve damage
  12. you are funny! and i hear you... there is a lot of new people here... we are just the old ones now i have mixed feelings about differin. when i used it all over my face, i broke out bad... but when i used it as a spot treatment it worked wonders... hopefully it will be your magic number...
  13. Hi Del! How have you been? Well... for what I read, you are doing good. I am glad that you are down to a few blackheads... those will go away soon too. I have NONE and I am just hitting month 3... wait for it! So into the twilight series... I am pretty obsessed... team Jacob tho! now i am reading the house of night series, and they are pretty good. you should definitely ck them out when you get done with twilight. later!
  14. OH MY!!!! Its been forever, hasn’t it? Day: 64 I am so sorry I have been MIA these past few weeks . I’ve been flying back and forth between the UK and Germany... for work, so not really fun... and the last thing on my head is to update this. Of course it helps that I really haven’t had any skin issues That pimple near my mouth on my last pic is the last pimple I have seen, it is wonderful! It has been great to be able to go back and forth between the countries and not have to worry