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  1. Stop using benzoyl peroxide. You might be allergic. I know I am because I get more pimples. Asl your dr. to prescribe tretnoin which is the generic of retin A...it dries ur skin and peels the 3day. I use it and i love it. except for the peeling part. I always manage it...people don't even notice anything. bottom line, tretnoin renews the skin by cell turnover. try it.
  2. I used to break out mainly on the upper cheek area. Finally i see my skin under all that acne. I have light red marks left and sometimes i get tiny pimples that turn into white heads the next day. I am wondering if this is the end of my acne. I also ordered max clarity hoping to get rid of the rednes... So is this the end of my acne? Going from moderate to mild? I need answers! thanks
  3. awww you're beautiful hun! I hope it works for me. I can feel that my acne is going away already because i do not break out anymore just old acne pigmentation. I am totally excited for max clarity because it is a foam. It won't be harsh. I am using tretnoin right now and i love it because it peels the skin. I just hate it when I wear make up! so annoying to hide the dry skin! I wish I pray it works
  4. Valerian herb makes me feel good. I always want to sleep and im actually very calm.
  5. um...i take the tablets. what tea are we talking about lol...as for the smell i close my nose or else i will faint.
  6. I have been really stressed out lately because of finals. On top of all that, i thought i can detox my body by drinking prune juice every night and apple cider vinegar every morning. Well my face started to break out big time. i stopped the detox. now i am waiting for those pimples to go away. no new one has appeared. my mom told me to drink valerian herb to relax my nerves. (i get pissed off too quickly and i break out the next day) has anyone tried the herbs? smells bad let me tell u!
  7. Winner of the coveted 2003 Gold Taste Award for "Best Tasting Prune Juice" by Quality Institute International. Sunsweet Prune Juice is 100% juice — no preservatives, added sugar or anything artificial. Made from plump California prunes raised by our own growers, our juice sets the gold standard for taste, quality and nutrition. Sunsweet Prune Juice is a great way to start your day. Enjoy this sweet, smooth and delicious juice chilled over ice, blended into fruit drinks or stirred into your fav
  8. I have been drinking prune juice for a week, every night. I noticed my skin started to get little white heads...am i allergic to it? Does this normally happen?
  9. Nothing really. But it doesn't matter because acne is taking control of my life. Although, I only have redness left which I know will go away I am afraid of the scars. I have viewed some of the photos here and some people had redness and scarring like mine that went away over time. I want this now. i spend so much time carring about my skin. I have always wished for that flawless look. So who cares if everything else is good...the one thing that is disgusting I have...i have a bf and have been
  11. lollllllllllllllllllll............it's good for acne. I have been taking one capsule/day 1000mg and I like how my skin looks and feels. Better than any bp bs. Bp made my face look like crap.
  12. I used BP for a month. My skin starting breaking out in places where it never used to. I began noticing nasty scarring. The redness was not reducing because a new pimple would form. I reduced the usage of BP to once/day. Then I noticed my face was calming down but I still broke out. So i started using bp every other day. Now i don't use it at all. My skin is healing I can tell because I have not gotten a cyst on the side of my face where most of my acne scarring is. This is great because my face