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  1. acneruinsmylife

    Day 35 - dry eyes

    Fifth day taking 70mg. I usually wear contacts daily -- I have the kind you can sleep in. I typically (and definitely on Accutane) take them out day and night. My eyes have been pretty dry and seem to get tired more easily while working on the computer? Anyone else experience this? They are almost hard to keep open after working with a screen for awhile. I bought some eye drops, brand is called blink, for contacts. ~$8 at CVS. I'm trying to wear contacts only when I have to (I work in a lab) oth
  2. acneruinsmylife

    Day 33 - just complaining about being ugly

    I have pictures from last round that show I didn't have dramatic improvement until after the third month. I just started my second month so I know I shouldn't see dramAtic improvement, but damn am I tired of looking like this. Been on 70mg for 3 days now, worried about a second IB. so far my skin does look a little worse honestly but I don't feel as sad and frustrated about it as I did that one day last week. I've also been working out (speaking of which, i need to do today) which i think makes
  3. acneruinsmylife

    Third time on accutane (!) - a log

    @ajaxz @3wishes14 I have a question to ask since we are all on our 2nd or 3rd round. First, what sex are you? I am female. Second, what regimen did you use on your skin AFTER accutane? What cleanser, any exfoliation, any masks, what moisturizer, did you put anything else on your face or change your diet? I am wondering if our acne came back because we weren't cleaning our skin the way we are supposed to for acne prone skin. Maybe some people just need several rounds, maybe its sex-related, maybe
  4. acneruinsmylife

    Third time on accutane (!) - a log

    The hair loss made me think twice about starting round 2, too. I never had severe bald spots but I shed a lot of hair and it felt overall thinner and dryer during and probably up until a year after stopping 'tane. It was a hard decision, have a full head of hair and a terrible ugly face? Or have thin brittle hair and a flawless smooth face? I chose my face. because there's extensions and wigs. I think with enough time and moisture and healing after Accutane, hair can start growing better. Or so
  5. acneruinsmylife

    Day 31 - What is a low-fat diet??

    Had doc appt yesterday. I fasted for it bc last round I got blood tests done every month. This doc only wants a blood test every two months I guess? weird. I like to know my blood test results bc it assures me that my triglycerides and cholesterol aren't clogging my arteries and leading to a heart attack . Anyway, he increased my dose from 40 to 70!!! I'm very happy, but also nervous. Last round I took doses 30/40/40/60/40. My doc took me off of 60 bc my triglycerides were getting very high. So
  6. acneruinsmylife

    Day 30 - I feel good (:

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still breaking out a bit. But its definitely better than 2-3 days ago. I feel a lot better today. I was almost dreading seeing my man this weekend because of how my skin looked and hoping so badly that it would heal / look better by the time I see him, and I think that will be the case. I don't get to see my doc for another 4 hours, so I get to starve (fast) all day, woohoo. I keep reaching for food and have to remind myself not to eat XD. Will try to schedule next appt i
  7. acneruinsmylife

    Day 29 - my dry nose

    I literally have nothing to say besides its day 29 and my nose is annoyingly dry and crusty and needs to be tended to probably every 2 hours or boogers will form YAY -__- Oh, my doc appt is tomorrow and I get to find out what dose he puts me on. Its almost like waiting for Christmas. Fingers crossed that I get a dosage boost!! I'm tryna kill this sh*t asap. hahahahahaha f*ck acne, am I right? P.S. note to self: I think I felt so sh*tty yesterday because I got little to no sleep and ha
  8. acneruinsmylife

    Day 28 - Social consequences

    Thank you for the support! I've taken time off, socially, to heal without makeup too -- but the medication I was on at that time (tetracycline?) was not for me. I looked up spironolactone. Do you think that your acne is caused by hormones? I have not heard much about that drug besides my quick google search. I am trying not to be a pain for my partner as well, because even though I know he does not care, I really don't want him to see me like this. It's a new relationship and my need to wea
  9. acneruinsmylife

    Day 28 - Social consequences

    Hi Day 28 symptoms are the same. I usually break out on one side of my face more than another but not these days, they both are horrible. I don't have much to update besides to vent to feel better. Acne has the WORST effect on my self confidence. I knew I had to get back on accutane because I started skipping out on social gatherings just because I felt so ugly but would have otherwise attended. And I'm feeling the same way now with this IB (initial breakout); its so bad -- there was a social ev
  10. acneruinsmylife

    Third time on accutane (!) - a log

    first round was 30/40/40/60/40. My triglycerides got a little high on 60 so they took me down. This time I started on 40 and the doc mentioned increasing to 80 which is wild to me! I have a feeling I might increase to 60 and THEN 80 if my blood levels are okay. but at the same time makes me hope maybe higher doses will work better, and will shorten how long I will have to take it? I am female. I am covering my IB in massive amounts of liquid makeup and a thin layer of foundation powder. I h
  11. acneruinsmylife

    5 years update ACCUTANE (Claravis)

    Hi! I unfortunately relapsed two years after accutane but I'm happy to see someone have long lasting clear skin. Nice!
  12. acneruinsmylife

    23(M) Roaccutane Log

    hey, im on accutane round 2 day 27. my initial breakout is fucking with me, mentally. accutane worked for me the first time and I know it will work again but just seeing my face like this in the mirror every day is seriously mentally taxing. I just wanted to say that I am with you!! We will get through this. I wish we could be shipped to an island or rehab center for 3 months to get through this ): by my third month last time, my skin definitely looked (not perfect, but) better. I started on 40m
  13. acneruinsmylife

    Alcohol on accutane (urgent)

    I am too late to this topic, but I ran into the same issue my first round of accutane. Its obviously not suggested by the doctor, but I was on either 30-40mg and my 21st birthday came up. I stopped taking pills for 2 days and drank. Nothing happened to me. I was actually in college and continued to drink a little on the weekends. My triglycerides in my blood test also were elevated sometimes and my doctor warned me to watch it. So, I wouldnt advise it. I'm on my second round and I am not sure if
  14. acneruinsmylife

    Third time on accutane (!) - a log

    Hi! I relapsed and started accutane round 2 in January. As much as I wish we both had clear skin, it is nice to see that I am not alone. I am on day 27 and even though I know what symptoms to expect, my initial breakout is very discouraging. It makes me not want to do anything and I am a very social person. I wonder why round 1 did not work for me, and round 1 and 2 did not work for you? I thought maybe it was either random/genetic/varies person to person, or that I was not taking high enough do
  15. acneruinsmylife

    update...5 years later

    I'm so glad your skin stayed clear, your after-accutane regimen may be very helpful to me. I had one round of accutane in 2016 and it worked wonders for me but unfortunately I relapsed 2 years later and am starting over ): This initial breakout is hell but I just keep reminding myself it will be worth it in the end! Better than just living in hiding like I usually do when I break out.