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  1. Hey hi hello, not much to update besides when I started my fourth month (the half way mark) I started noticing the hair loss again. Its too bad this medication is too worth it for me to do anything about it. At this point I'm really just tryna be gentle in the shower, condition my roots, TWICE, brush gently, and wear protective gentle hairstyles. Also, I been having a mad earwax problem in one ear, could be related, or nahh the pimples are pretty much gone. its just redness, scarr
  2. This whole time I was eagerly waiting to start month 4 because during my last round I took photos as often as I could remember and it w after month 3 that I noticed a definite improvement in my skin. And, I can say that has held true! I don’t have any major breakouts. I don’t still have quite a few very small unnoticeable comedones on my chin that I honestly don’t know if they’ll ever come to surface if I don’t aggravate them. I sort of want them out, tho. Is it worth the break out and potential
  3. hey just stopping by again to offer support. I have the dry scaley spots on my upper arm too. I had it my second round, so it was expected. I just have more now. (maybe because I've been on a higher dose this time?). haha I also lost a few eyebrow hairs, pretty much had a tiny baldspot last round. Haven't noticed it this round yet. Last round I didn't see noticeable improvement until my fourth month, so hang in there. Im starting my fourth month in about a week, and I still have pimples arising
  4. Hey there! I'm on day 83. I still have some pimples arise here and there. They sort of come and go pretty quickly, but when they come, they are mighty ugly. This is my second round of Accutane. In my first round, I did not see improvement until my fourth month. I completely understand what youre going through. I feel ugly and am just trying to trudge through, day by day. Typing my complaints and feelings on here makes me feel slightly better that other people are going through it too! What
  5. Hey there, this side effect is totally normal. Its just really dry, irritated skin. Sometimes looks like eczema. My job makes it worse because I have to wash my hands a lot and take gloves on and off. If I COVER them in Vaseline before I go to sleep, it makes it a lot better. I think it will also get a little better in the summer when the air is not so dry.
  6. hey @abdarhman I'm no doctor, but I have been on Accutane for 6-7 months 2 years ago and am taking it again, finishing my third month soon. I can tell you from my experience that during my first round of Accutane, my blood test was great until I reached 60mg and my triglycerides got a little high. Tbh I was not eating very well. I started thinking I was having heart pain or heart palpitations. However, I cannot remember whether I had these symptoms before or after finding out about my trigl
  7. Hey Susie, did you finish the Accutane treatment, or did you stop taking it early at 4 months? I'm sorry to hear about the hair loss but relieved that I, and a friend of mine, are not the only ones. I am on my second round of Accutane and the hair loss was my only hesitation to go on it again. This time I am being SUPER gentle with my hair. I condition it twice, shampoo rarely, and use more moisturizing creams on my wet hair after the shower. I don't use heat. I do simple and protective hai
  8. Quick diary update since I’m typing on my phone and should be sleep. This joint pain is SOMETHING ELSE. My back hurts so bad getting out of bed. It’s so sore when I bend down to pick something up or over the sink to wash my hands or face. My elbows and shoulders get sore and hurt from just leaning on them. I am trying to get my exercise in, like running, but my hip flexors will be sore for the whole next two days. I’m going to try stretching but even that hurts more than feels good. I feel stiff
  9. I realized that I didn't post nearly as often last round of accutane (lol I just told my computer to add this word to dictionary bc its such a huge part of my vocab that I have to use so often now). I posted maybe 7 times up until day 40 then the day of my last pill. Am I handling this round differently? Different schedule? I think I feel the need to document this round as best as possible just in case I end up taking acc a third facking time and need to remember what side effects are normal, no
  10. at this point I realize this blog is mostly just me talking to myself. and sometimes, it helps. so here we go again eyes: I'm surprised they are not as dry as I thought they would be. I wear contacts probably 5-6 days out of the week and fall asleep in them probably 2-3 times a week (its the brand where this is allowed). I only need to use eye drops maybe once every 2 weeks. my eyes were dry af by the end of my last course. oh I'm slightly paranoid that the gooey tissue under my eyelid was
  11. I always wonder how doctors choose their doses, why they choose to increase vs decrease. I understand starting out small and gradually increasing. I think the general knowledge is that there is an optimal final dose you want to hit, so the higher the daily dose, the faster you hot that optimal. Yeah, the side effects are bad and the breakouts might even be worse, but you get clear skin faster! Actually now that I say that maybe she won't increase your dose because you're breaking out so bad? A h
  12. wow im so glad you posted this, I had the exact same red dotty rough hands issue. I think its just dry skin and irritation. I wear gloves and wash hands more frequently and live in the cold so it gets bad now and then. sleeping covered in Vaseline helps, when I remember. it looks like you've got everything covered. I do have three circle dry spots on the top of my outer upper arm. they also lost some pigment. have no clue what that's about, reminds me of eczema. last round I had 1 circle and it
  13. I think we're dealing with the same type of skin here! I break out similar amount and way. I'm on day 63 of Accutane. nice to meet you. I'll check back occasionally to offer support bc I know it gets rough and I need people to talk to about this bc no one around me has bad skin or is on Accutane, that I know of.
  14. Hey. Just wanted to say I am wITH you. started round two 63 days ago, about 3 years after round 1. Ive been having breakouts here and there that make me want to hide, which I'm sure I'd also feel if I wasn't on Accutane. I sometimes get this fear that my body is used to the chemical and it won't work a second time. do you ever get those thoughts? I think everyone who takes it a second or third time gets their results too, though. do you have any hypotheses on why yours returned? I need this to b
  15. Hey there! I'm a second round Accutane user. I don't have much good news, but maybe you can mentally prepare for this. You will break out soon. You may endure 2 or 3 spaced-out break outs, which is just your layers of skin purging, and if you have bad skin, there are multiple layers of bad stuff going to come to surface. small and unnoticeable or big and painful. DEFINITELY watch out for the sun. I've seen terrible videos of people getting 2nd or 3rd degree burns. I always smother my skin i