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  1. Thank you Brawn for the information. I'll look into it.
  2. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments I've read through all your comments and all of them suggest for an operation or a trip to a doctor. So I'll look into doctors that live around my city and ask for their opinion. I'll keep in mind that my boxcars have sharp edges and of the treatments you all suggested like Cross, excision, subcision, derma-stamping, and laser. I'm worry about my healing capabilities as well as how much I can afford, so I'll definitely look for the best, quick
  3. From the look of my skin, there doesn't seem to be much healthy skin. Cause occasionally, once a month of so, another cyst or white-heads come up from underneath my scars, painful and ugly -__-. I'm guessing that would definitely affect my treatment process if I was to go into Cross. Money is also a little tight for my family at the moment, so I thought of trying the lemon and vinegar, or tape method first. I'm hoping to try those self-help methods first before trying anything else, so if I
  4. I hate acne, what can an ugly guy like me do about these boxcar scars? I've tried things like Doxycycline, chinese herbal medicine(gave me some medicine that made me poop till I was numb), Acupuncture(needles that sent electrical pulses into my body), facialist, but the acne and cysts keep on coming. I went to this chinese doctor, that did like needling on scars, but it didn't turn out that great. No change, with slightly worse -__-. I have here pictures of how my face is, and I would like t
  5. confidence is hard to gain, I have a problem with that too, why can't life be as easy as 1 2 3, WITHOUT ALL THOSE COMPLICATED DECIMALS IN BETWEEN TO STOP US -_- from reaching 3
  6. *taking a deep breathe* This is my first time typing into this section of the forum. *sigh* Since two years ago, I've been trying many products, doctors concoctions, and treatments. My mom worries about my face and has invested and searched for many products for me to use. When I say doctor concoctions I mean like herbal medicine. There has been herbal medicine that resulted in diareha to clean out my stomach and intestines. MOST those herbal doctors always say that my body has too much he
  7. My mom just found out about this product, so I will be testing out this product starting from now. But I still want to ask about Rena to see if anyone else has used it before and if the product lives up to it's name. If anyone is interested , just google up rena skin and a website will pop up. Sorry if this sounds like I'm promoting, but I am not, just want to ask for advice. They say this spray treatment will show great results after 2months. My face consist of 4 scars left over from cysts a
  8. Hi , I believe in your statement. I'm not sure how much percent of the water is chlorine at my school or if they actually use chlorine cause I read some people put onmin(something like that..) powder in the pool instead.
  9. Hi everyone! Acne has been a pain in my life -_-. If there was a way to kill it I would of tried. I got a question if anyone can help. I didn't know where else to post this, since there is no general discussion but I hope someone reads this. This is my situation: I had some cysts on my face. I went to my facial place. They used some equipment and cleaned out that area with the cyst, but it has left me wit h a scab. In the past I had done this and the skin turned back normal after couple