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  1. i just want to know how are you doing with redmarks? i'm 3 months post tane (and I tokk it only for 9 days...and my redmarks are here 3 months and not fading...i don't know if this is normal?? did you got scars befor accutane? i never got scars and now those redmarks are becoming indents...im'm quite worried that my skin is changed for good :( hmm you only took it for 9 days? lets see, my red marks faded about 4 months after accutane. Don't freak out about the scarring! My skin NEVER sc
  2. Just thought I'd post what it's like post accutane. My oil came back, but not as bad. My cheeks dont get oily, only my nose and forehead. I have been mostly clear, but I STILL DO breakout, but SMALL breakouts, I havent had a cyst at all. Only whiteheads and blackheads. My scarring and red marks have mostly faded. I feel way more confident and okay without wearing makeup. I'm really glad I went on accutane. The downfall is, I still have back pain, like if there is pressure on my back and it is re
  3. :// I sure hope so! Acne scarring is extremely irritating **sigh**
  4. Before accutane, I had ZERO scars, but I unfortunately have developed some scarring, I'm on my third month of accutane, and after I've completed accutane, I don't know what to do about these HIDEOUS scars. They honestly make me look terrible. What treatment would be best?
  5. thought id add these pictures here too. haha. I havent updated for a long time. Im on month three starting today! The pictures are side by side comparisons of start of accutane vs after two months.
  6. these are comparisons from the beggining of accutane vs now (two months later) Im on 60mgs a day. So, what are your thoughts? All comments are appreciated (:
  7. thanks I'm just going to take one pill a day until I get my prescription! fingers crossed that it will be okay!!
  8. Okay, so I've been on accutane 60mgs a day for almost two months now. Theres a problem! My next appointment to get more pills is not until wednesday and I only have three 30mg pills left which is only enough for a day and a half. So should I take one 30mg pill a day? Or what? Is it bad that I dont have enough until wednesday? Please help!
  9. My active acne is still drying up, although I have significantly less of it than I did before treatment. My skin tone is uneven and I have some marks and shallow scars appearing. I've had a few very stubborn pimples that refuse to go away...So tell me, how was YOUR skin halfway through treatment?
  10. I'm on my second month of accutane and I had the exact same thing about two weeks ago. I feel your pain, I tried to open my mouth to eat a burger but the pain from the cracks deemed it impossible. In about a week and a half or so, it went away on it's own. I applied vasaline to it at night after gently scrubbing the cracks with a warm wash cloth. I would literally coat the vasaline on, ESPECIALLY on the cracked corners. And throughout the day when you apply chapstick, apply it to the corners of
  11. Day 25: my face finally got dry randomly a few days ago.. I had to actually STOP using lotion lol so now I'm dry and everyone thinks I'm addicted to chapstick Too bad I lost my expensive dr dans I'm sad.... but I am pretty happy= contradicting statement. I of course still have breakouts though not as bad, and my skin keeps peeling off and leaving little pink marks of raw skin grr OH !!! Almost forgot something MAJOR I started experiencing spinal pain around a week ago. It's to the point where
  12. Just here to report my skin pulled a huge PYSCH on me..Im so broken out!! AHHHHHHHHHH My skin is a huge dick-hole ...oh yes, the immaturity just oozes right out of that statement, haha.
  13. I have this weird bump next to my nose that looks like a big pimple but doesnt hurt at all. It feels hard to the touch, and I've poked it with a needle before, but nothing cam eout but blood. Again, it's not sore and it has been there for a couple weeks so it's not a pimple....what is it??
  14. soccersweetie110 All my progress pictures are on my phone!! I have yet to figure out how to get them on my computer; I promise to find a way! DAY TWELVE : My skin was relatively clear compared to what it was during my ib,to the point where yesterday, I put on makeup, but then proceeded to remove it and leave the house without it. Now I'm starting to breakout again. Oh well, it's accutane thats what it does, and based off of other people's logs, I knew to expect another breakout. The pimple I p