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  1. ok i have a question. ok i have miss my derm appt. for about 2weeks now and i just finish my 5th month of accutane 2weeks ago also. so we my derm decide to put me on another month will it be safe to start again after 2weeks without the medication? have anyone been in the situation as me? let me know because i notice that my lips is turning to it normal status no more dryness.
  2. shit i havent been in here since 4ever. well a lil update im on my 5th and final month my derm. decide to take me off accutane bcuzz of results i have gotten from it. im soo happy with my face right now i mean damn no breakout since the beginning of the 4th month. still have dryness and redness but dat dont bothers me at all. for those whos starting dont give up the first month is the worst month but it'll. smooth sailing trust me . good luck peepz
  3. its the beginning pf my 3rd month. its been going great so far no more break out just the redness and dryness which i dont mind at all. im happy with the result right now ii mean this is the clearest i can get. good luck folk patience is the key
  4. ok i got a question for everyone thats on accutane. i've been having this rash/spot/burn looking spot it dont hurt or anything i dunno if its ah rash or what but yeah does anyone else have this while being on accutane?
  5. so i went to see my derm yesterday. it was quick as hell. she upped my dosage frm 30mg twice a day to 40mg twice a day. as of now my cyst have calm down no more crazy azz bump dat was all coming out all at the same time painful shit. and thank you for fall peaceeeee.
  6. Hey ya! How long did it take for your IB to calm down? Ahhhh I feel for guys so much more as you cant cover it with makeup :( Anyways, thanks for reading my post and hope your acc journey isnt too bad for you!!! ;) hey hows it going hows the accutane? well to answer ur question it took at least 4 week it was crazy and painful. but after a few weeks it realy calm down it seem as if it is dying ahahaha. makes me wanna try makeup for the past few weeks haha but dat will never happen.
  7. datz the IB im almost done wit my first month and IB has calm down but it left me with alot of red marks mines was similar to your but a lil bit more
  8. thanks for reading i guess imma give clean and clear SA a try. did you experienced any more breakout beside dryness
  9. so does anyone uses BP or SA face wash while on accutane. if so is any good? i mean what your regimen while on accutane
  10. wassup this was a good read man. i was wondering what did you use for face wash and moisturizer. im breaking out severely right now while im on accutane. im using a gentle face wash rite now similar to cetaphil but was wondering will bp or sa will make it worse or better
  11. so itz the end of week 3. nuthin but more breakout. i mean shit my left eyes seems like its swollen by how the bumps build up all together. dat shit hurt. but anyway good day HAH
  12. tell me bout dat asian skin i noe wat yuu mean shit im on accutane rite now almost my third week and all i been doing is just breaking worst i mean damn there not even a clear piece of skin on my face all bump and im telling dat shit hurts. but yeah congrats on ur success my man. PEACE
  13. wassup bro i myself am breaking out more i mean my whole face are cover with bumps huge small u name it i barely have any pieces of clear skin on me and im only on my 17 days. and 30mg twice a day. good luck man hope things clear up for u as i am hoping myself
  14. so how did your first month go did you break out bad in the first couple week. i am and i have very severe acne. anyway thanks for checking me out and taking the time to read. latezzzzzz
  15. thnks and good luck my brutha letz win this battle. on another note 12days in and forehead has explode with acne. and dat shit hurts well my whole face is hurting rite now my jawline and my sideline ahhh it keeps coming. PEACEEEE