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  1. Unless I'm blind (it's a real possibility), I couldn't find any of these on the list. Which ingredients are irritating? Thanks! Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Water (Aqua), Glyceryl Stearate, Colloidal Sulfur, Butylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract, Sage Extract, Allantoin.
  2. do you mean the adovia bar soap, or the Pure Nature soap-wash? And which ingredients don't you like? Thanks!
  3. I've posted about this all over, but for me the only thing that has had a real impact on my acne is sulfur. A lot of people don't like the smell, but many products don't have a significant odor, and to my mind, if it helps my skin I don't care what it smells like! You can buy sulfur spot treatments (i've used bye-bye blemish, acnefree, and clearisil--the reason i've used so many is that sulfur products are often hard to find). I'm currently using a sulfur bar soap made by adovia, and it work
  4. So. Let me just say that I've suffered from mild to moderate acne since I was about 14. I discovered this board two years ago, and it inspired me to look back and think about what products helped my skin the most. I tried proactive a while ago, and while it made my skin so much worse (and I did use it for two whole months, as directed), the sulfur mask they included actually helped. Unfortunately its a small bottle, and kind of expensive, so I never bought more of it. Anyway, as you can see in m
  5. Hi Snow Queen, I have a question for you. After a lot of trial and error, I've found that the only ingredient that considerably reduces the intensity and frequency of my breakouts is sulfur (salicylic acid has worked for me, but only mildly--my skin is better with a salicylic product than it is without it, it helps prevent blackheads, but hasn't reduced my acne overall). While there are a number of sulfur masks and spot treatments, I simply cannot find a liquid cleanser with a significant amount
  6. I order it online from cleopatraschoice.com It's 6.99 a bar.
  7. I honestly feel like sulfur ointments do everything that BP is supposed to, but better and with no irritation. Sulfur dries out pimples better than BP, but there's no redness, no itchiness, and less drying. Just my experience.
  8. I use an 8% sulfur soap (adovia) morning/night and it works great. The smell is barely detectable, and it doesn't overdry my skin (I have oily-normal skin). Sulfur was kind of a last resort for me, and I'm really glad I found it, because it works much better than anything else. I also use a sulfur cream spot treatment (there's acnomel, clean & clear...they're all basically the same, 6-8%). I use queen helene's mint julep mask (there's a little sulfur in there) and adovia's dead sea mud ma
  9. I started using a sulfur soap about 1 1/2 ago, when I felt basically helpless. I stumbled upon sulfur products while I was trying to think back through my past, trying to remember if any product had really worked. The only thing that ever really made a difference for my face was the proactive sulfur mask (the actual proactive system sucks...i used it for 2 months and it made my face so much worse). The mask was expensive, so I started searching online for other sulfur products and found a sulfur
  10. I have oily skin too, so at first it was hard to find an daily spf that wouldn't make my face feel greasy. But I use Cetaphil daily moisturizer with spf 15 and it works great, doesn't make me break out and it's very light feeling. And just a reminder to everyone....wearing an spf everyday in your twenties is literally the #1 method of prevention for wrinkles, age spots, etc. Just do it! You'll be glad you did in the future!
  11. Adovia makes mineral makeup that's really great. You can buy it online at cleopatraschoice.com. The definately have a lot of different shades, including darker ones, and they have descriptions of each shade group and varieties with/without golden undertones. They have power and foundation and tinted moisturizer; all of these are awesome and have never irritated my skin.
  12. Has anyone tried Clean & Clear Mark Treatment? It is 2% SA with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. I just bought it today (before I was using Scarzone with Green Tea Extract), because I've heard Alpha Hydroxy can be good for red marks. Any experiences? Thanks!
  13. If your skin is dry, I would recommend just getting a simple moisturizer thats oil free at least, and preferably oil free and non-comedogenic. Cetaphil (which is supposed to be really gentle) makes an oil free moisturizer w/ spf 15, that might be perfect for you. Clean and Clear also makes something similar, which I use sometimes. But I would try the Cetaphil first because it's known to work for people w/ dry and sensitive skin.
  14. Theoretically, they both even out your skin tone, though I didn't notice a significant difference with witch hazel (after about a month or so i'd say). I've just recently started using a ACV/water 50/50 solution, and that seems to make my pores tighter, but it's too soon to tell if it will help with redmarks (it's only been 2 days). I'm really hoping that the ACV works; a lot of people seem to have had luck with it. Generally, I think using a toner that is slightly acidic will slowly but surel
  15. Yeah I just looked it up. Thanks for the info! Have you tried the mask? It seems like it would be a good spot treatment. I've tried so many things, but the only acne med in the past that ever really seemed to work was the proactive refining mask (but the rest of the system sucked!!!) which i think is around 6% sulfur. I got a dead sea minerals regimen, which made my acne a little better, but didn't cure it. I ordered the sulfur soap from the same company, and it helps, but i think i need a wa
  16. APRILFOOLS: That's sounds like exactly what I need? Can you tell me where to find it?
  17. This is a video put out by Dove, that shows the transformation of a model (who isn't particularly pretty and has ACNE) through lighting, make up and airbrushing. OUR IDEA OF BEAUTY ISN'T REAL. model transformation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBiA5d77HTg or just got to youtube and search "model transformation." PLEASE WATCH THIS!!!!
  18. is the ansr beam frequency strong enough to work? i'm thinking about trying it because they have a 30 day money back guarrantee--but someone posted that it can take up to 3 months which has me a little worried. has anyone tried the ansr beam???
  19. i got a really big pimple on my cheek yesterday (somewhere i don't usually breakout) a few inches down from my eye. it was really painful! I hate this!!!!
  20. I am so glad you posted this! THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME, and I have not ever found one explanation for it. When I was 19 I went to guatemala for 3 weeks. I had been using two products for a few months (neutrogena bar soap and apricot scrub) and continued using them there. My skin cleared up immediately and stayed clear for 1 week after I got back into the US. Before I went to guatemala I was having a particuarly bad breakout. I cannot understand this for the life of me, since this is the on
  21. DAY 42 Today I had two very small whiteheads on the surface of my skin. It's strange--i didn't even feel them, like normally I would feel a pimple starting but I didn't even notice until I got to the mirror. Also, I have a pimple that i CAN feel on the side of my face, just alone my jaw. I'm trying to make it go away before it gets bad but I'm not too optimistic. Besides 2 pimples on my forehead (which I think are mostly from my bangs, which have gotten longer), I haven't had these kind of pai
  22. I completely identify with this thread! I feel like acne is so humiliating, and when someone says something to you, it makes it worse. Like--do they actually think that you aren't already trying everything that you can possibly think of to make it go away?! I had a friend tell me once that I should just 'go on proactive,' like that would solve everything--of course it didn't, it made my skin worse. Usually people don't say anything about it to me, but a few months ago while I was at work, one gu
  23. after acne, my redmarks are red first and then become brown. i'm using two things right now to help them fade: scarzone with salicylic acid and green tea extract, and scarcare vitamin e cream with onion bulb extract. but A LOT of people on this board have had success with a dilluted solution of apple cider vinegar (i think the ratio is 1:1 ACV and water). I'm going to try it soon--it's accessible and cheap!
  24. DAY 38 A lot of improvement this week-only one or two whiteheads! I haven't started the apple cider vinegar treatment yet because I havent' gone to the store in a while--I plan on getting some for my next rip. Also--I bought a some make up brushes last week (i've never really used them before) including a liquid foundation brush (made out of sythetic fibers) and a concealer brush. These brushes work really really well for putting foundation and eye concealer on evenly--and I think the even app
  25. DAY 32 A few small whiteheads in the last few days (3-4), but no major breakouts. Right now the thing making my face look bad is all of the red marks left over (they're all brown now). I use a vitamin e cream and sometimes scarzone w/ SA for the marks--but I think I'm going to start using the apple cider vinegar solution so many people have been posting about; they make it sound like it erases them overnight! which i'm sure it doesn't, but it's relatively cheap and I think it's worth a try. I u