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  1. yes it does. mine has gone and i did not use AHA.
  2. godawfulface

    No Relief From Flakes

    let me tell you a story. when i first started the dans regime, after 5 months i was still flaking a lot. I had a beard of flakes then would fall off all over my desk and everywhere I went. it was horrible and embarrassing. everyday flakes and more flakes. i ended up quitting the regime because of it. my acne returned. over 1 year later after failing to rid my acne on other methods i went back on dans regime. this time... NO FLAKES. zero. nada. nothing. not at the first month nor the fifth. I
  3. godawfulface

    Does Bp Age Or Waste Your Skin In Any Way? Also Redmarks

    I started using dans regime in 2010. I used it for 6 months and then I was clear and I quit. The acne came back. So I started the regime again in around July 2012. I've been using it to this day. I don't have any wrinkles and I am 29 years old. I have some indented scars that are barely noticeable but this is from the actual acne itself and not the BP. I have tried 2 quit using the BP a few times, but always within a week I go back on it, because I see the zits coming back and the oilyness comin
  4. godawfulface

    My God Awful Acne Log by GodAwfulFace

    Hey MyStory. Thankyou for the comment. I never had any purging and I'm not had any so far and it's been a week now. I got a cluster of 3 zits form on my chin 1 time after a few weeks I think that was the worst I ever got whilst on the BP. I'd just advise that you stick to the regimen and don't throw on any 'outsider' creams to try and speed up the process for your trip. Good luck!
  5. godawfulface

    My God Awful Acne Log by GodAwfulFace

    DAY 5 OF REGIMEN UPDATE My parcel from america arrived on Saturday. Customs did not get at it this time so I didnt have to pay any fee. Its day five right now and I dont have any active pimple heads. Only red marks and the aftermath of a breakout. Skin VERY red and a bit flaky around the mouth. Have used the BP once per day, a small ammount. Dans cleanser is amazing it gets off all my makeup in 2 seconds. Why was I wasting my time with natural makeup removers that took me 20 minutes and 5 washe
  6. godawfulface

    My God Awful Acne Log by GodAwfulFace

    I will be starting from scratch! It has been 2 years without BP so I will act as though I've never used it before. Still waiting for my package to arrive. It usually takes 2-3 weeks so Im waiting patiently.
  7. hey make sure you google each of ther herb supplements u r taking and read their warnings. the manufacturers dont add the warnings on the packaging but many herbs effect traditional medicines that u r or have been taking and are still in the system and can have serious effects or even cancel each other out when mixed together. you could be creating a deadly concoction. also if u have family history of blood clotting u want to be careful with that chlorella stuff. to me it just looks like u r add
  8. godawfulface

    Where Is Dans Before Pics With Acne

    some people cant even look in the mirror so why would they take a photo of it?? its not about having any1 else see the photo... its about not wanting to admit to yourself that are a hideous freak.
  9. godawfulface

    Help! Had For Over 5 Years! W/pics

    have u tried dans regime? if not, what are u waiting for?
  10. godawfulface

    Addiction Of Benzoyl Peroxide

    Hey MsFedora. let me tell you speaking from experience i got clear with the regime and i 'forgot' what it was like to have acne.. then i foolishly quit for all the reasons you stated above. i was scared to have to use it forever and i was scared of the damage over time. but since quitting over a year ago my skin has been RUINED by not using the bp, as I have scars and marks and cysts and acne everywhere. if i had never stopped using the BP i would be so much happier right now. I have ordered a n
  11. godawfulface

    Where Is Dans Before Pics With Acne

    maybe he didnt take any... If im correct he made this website way after getting clear. plus not many people take before pics as they are affraid of cameras at that stage. also he's not 'bullshitting' the regime worked for me and nothing else ever has.
  12. godawfulface

    My God Awful Acne Log by GodAwfulFace

    Dear Acne.org community. I have returned from the abyss. I started writing this thread 2 years ago, it was my log to cure acne using Dans regime and it worked. I used the regime for a few months and I was completely clear at the end of it. I was so happy. As you can tell if you visit my photobucket how I looked before and after, it was as though a miracle had happened. But when I didn't write in the log was that I had started a new job in November, a job which required me to be in the public eye
  13. i wasnt condoning your rant - i just thought saying it straight would hit home harder. ive made 100's of rant posts just like yours in my life. im 27 now and had acne since i was 14. i wore makeup at first. LOTS of it. and i had no money so it was cheap brand makeup that only made it worse and it looked oranged probably too. People were no doubt laughing at my oh-so-obvious 2inch of makeup. whereas if they'd seen the acne they probably would only have felt sorry for me rather than laugh. i did
  14. when people are viewing the holiday photos with u all in and ask why u refuse to be part of the viewing... dont want to see my acne in a photo thanks.
  15. I read your story. Change the title to "how vanity ruined me" and remember...its all in your head. Even naturally ugly people have good lives, so you have a visable flaw.... i bet no one else even cares... it took me a while to realise this. But once i did... life is good again.