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  1. Breakfast: 4 quail eggs with red peppers and onions fried in Pastured butter, coconut milk kefir. Lunch: Grouper with asparagus, scallions and mushrooms in butter sauce. Dinner: I think fillet mignon yum
  2. Grass fed beef jerky, raw veggies, berries and nuts. Also keep cans of sardines and herring with you.
  3. Hey man, dont get down, your face really is not bad... keep up with the diet, and drink a shit ton of water.. so much that your pee is clear. Green Tea helps a lot too!

    1. Day 5 Diet: Morning i had a shake(almond milk, blueberry coconut yogurt, and natural whey protein). Lunch I had mixed veggies with some sausage and peppers. Of course plenty of water. Tonight I had some petite sirloin grass fed with some eggs, bacon and broccoli. Yes, I know I'm fat. Other lifestyle habits: Walked a lot during school like always. Today i sprinted barefoot on grass. 5 sets of 30 meter sprint, 10 push ups, and lunges 30 meters back. It was finally sunny out so i got at least 30 m
    2. I really like this diet and I feel overall alot better. Also I was dealing with digestive problems and now I barely get diarhrea anymore. Only when I cheat.
    3. Day 2 My skin looks likes is finally starting to heal from all the days of cheating! Today i just had coconut yogurt in the morning. I got around 8 hours of sleep which is what I'm aiming to get every night. Walked around alot between classes during school which is good and also played basketball during gym. Lunch was pretty simple as well, I had a salad with salmon, onions, carrots dressed with olive oil. Plenty of water as well. I had a stew which consisted of beef(grass fed), carro
    4. I've been paleo/primal for about a month now and i want to start keeping track of my progress. I'm going to log my diet and other lifestyle habits such as exercise, sun exposure, sleep, etc.. My acne defintanly has gotten better but i stumbled alittle due to a couple of days cheating so im trying to get back on track. Log back in tomorrow.
    5. Alright, thanks guys. Hopefully my face will start clearing up soon.
    6. Well for instance today I had: Breakfast- Eggs with ham and peppers, some blueberries and half banana with cinnamon Lunch- Shark steaks with mashed yams, butternut squash, and broccoli drizzled with olive oil And for a normal dinner it consist of a protein like chicken, beef, pork etc... and 2 servings of veggies Snacks- avocado with almond crackers(made with almond flour), mixed nuts and maybe some fruit. I am trying to limit my fruit to 1 piece a day and the meat is organic grass fe
    7. I don't understand I've been eating Paleo for 2 weeks now without cheating and my skin has got significantly worse. Is there something I should avoid? Does this happen when you first stop?
    8. Guys, what would be a good Paleo lunch that I can start taking to lunch everyday for school. Is there anything besides just a salad? Also I'm having surgery soon and will be in the hospital for a week, should I just eat the crappy hospital food or is another way to stay Paleo.
    9. About the grass fed beef situation, I just bought 20 steaks and 20 steak burgers for 200$. I think it included 4 kinds of every steak like filet mignon, sirloin, ribeye, strip. The website is La cense beef I also got free shipping with this promotional code on this site Coupon Can't wait for my meat to arrive
    10. I guess I'm one of the only young ones here. I'm 15 been sufferering with acne for over a year now.
    11. Here is a guide:http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/articles/foods18.php . To dry them up I use one of those square white fans, rest it in between two chairs (air flowing up), and place the nuts in a strainer which I put on top of the fan. Is much easier and quicker. Hope that helps. Thanks! I soaked them last night and today I let them sit in the sun all the day is was 95 degrees. They dried out nice. I think i will buy a dehydrator soon.