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  1. the moment someone tells you not to eat that chocolate because it is going to make your skin worse
  2. Go gluten-free for 2 weeks or more and see if you maybe have an allergy to it. Stop birth control asap.
  3. Hi All, This is especially for the ladies. On birth control to control skin? Come off BC only to be greeted a couple of months later with cystic acne along jaw line? Then back on to BC again? Considering Accutane to get off BC so you can have babies? LOL. Maybe displaying some PCOS symtpoms...acne, hirsuitism, hair thinning, weight gain? Persitent adult acne. OK. So, after being a slave to all sorts of remedies and temporary solutions, treatments and lotions, I think I may have finally
  4. Ive been off accutane for just shy of two years now. I have had recurrances. I noticed my recurrances to be related to my diet and lack of fibre. I take fibre capsules once a day and eat two pieces of fruit to start the day. Make sure you are regular in going to the loo. When I'm not regular I get pimples. skin is manageable though and I'm happy to not go on accutane again. I've found what works and what doesn't post accutane. Also, I've been avoiding gluten as I think I may have a slight sensit
  5. Hi there, I can understand why women would prefer not to do BC pill, since it is probably the very reason why a lot of women are on accutane to begin with...incl myself. So, I empathise. I was in the same boat. Surely, the "i pledge" has other means of contraception other than bc pill that will allow you to avoid bc pill? I'd definitely try to avoid it if possible. Sure your skin may clear up with BC pill and accutane combination, but how do you know which treatment is the reason for yo
  6. I was very lucky to go on a course of antibiotics just before starting roac, so my IB (if you can call it that) was very very minimal. I have a good dermatologist. Anyway, the treatment was seemless for me and I started having great/amazing results within 2 weeks. So, I was surprised that when I went for my first check-up that my derm doubled my dosage to 40mg. On this dosage, I have not had a single pimple. I have no symptoms whatsoever besides dry lips and maybe a dry nose. Nothing some salin
  7. Hey there I'm not quite in my 30's yet, but the low mood is definitely all in the mind! If anything my spirits are up, my skin is clear and I havn't felt this good in years. Quite amazing really. Cos I was also dumped back in June. Good luck with your treatment. Maybe as an additional option, try to use head and shoulders as a body wash. Someone on the threads said that it helps with body acne. Might as well give it a go. I'm using it for my hair and as an upper body wash and seems to have hel
  8. Oh, i forgot to mention about the antibiotic. I also had to go on an antibiotic before roaccutane. It helped heaps with IB. Only thing is I hate taking antibiotics. I've just finished my first month of roaccutane which means ive also finished my antibiotic course last week. Ive managed to pick up a cold now. So, just remember to keep your immune system up. Consider taking a probiotic. Cheerios
  9. Hi, good luck with your treatment. I also received the pack here in Melbourne and I found the daily facial moisturiser to be quite good. I havn't had the need to use any other moisturiser. I also havnt had the need to use the other products. I just use vaseline for my lips. Althrough they do have carmex in the pack as well. I might give it a go now cos my lips reallyy need help. You really only need a gentle moisturising body wash. I used Cetaphil as a face and body wash and it was a good invest
  10. Grrrrrr. I really had something important to post!!!!
  11. Hi there. I'm struggling to post a link. I've tried highlighting the text I want to link and then clicked the green icon with a +. Pasted url into prompt but then the link and the text disappears when I try to post the comment in my blog. Tried it with both external sites and those within acne.org as well. Both not working. Help please. Ta.
  12. I feel that I should share with you what a wise woman said one night. "Man has the ability to manifest divine knowledge. Even if they don't realise that the miracle of knowledge that was imparted was receieved from God." The benefit of that knowledge is passed on to others irrespective of their faith. What a generous God indeed. That night we were asked to thank God for a miracle that was manifest from the knowledge imparted to man from God. I took the opportunity to thank God for the gift of co
  13. Has anyone heard of ACNEVAC. It isn't acne vaccuum....acne vaccine. It was patented in 2008 I think and the patent finishes up in 2018. It seems to only be available in Czech Republic. I've emailed them asking a few questions. Now, this product works like a vaccine in humans just like immunoregulin works in animals. Now, this company Bioveta Inc. has both a human and vetirinary division. Obviously, they figured something was working for animals so they decided to develop something for humans
  14. I heard that head and shoulders original can be used to alleviate bacne. I guess you could try head and shoulders as a body wash instead of as a shampoo in the meantime. Who knows if it really works or not. It should be relatively inexpensive. Otherwise, I'd say that accutane is probably the best thing you could do for yourself. Good luck. Cathy