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  1. Wow! I havent posted in a whole month!!! Im very very very very VERY happy with the results so far. The other day I actually got a compliment on my skin! I was caught off guard and could hardly believe it was happening. I never would have thought that something like that would ever happen. Make up is soooo easy to put on! I could practically slap it on and be fine! I feel much more confident! I actually enjoy taking pictures with my friends, unlike before where I would hide from any remembran
  2. Sillyseal10

    Day 36

    skins still looking good, except my back still isnt clearing up. besides that im pretty happy with how the treatments going. ive been noticing that my heart rates been elevated recently, not sure if it has to do with the tane or not... anywayyyy just thought id update before spring break (ugghh two 2 hour swim practices a day and studying for ap exam, not exactly what id call a break....) Regarding SUNSCREEN!!! if u are fair skinned and on accutane or any other acne treatment that makes you
  3. Sillyseal10

    Day 31

    Just got my prescription for my second month of accutane!!! Its going by sooo fast! I can't believe I'm already mostly clear! People keep commenting that I look different! Hahaha! Most of the blackheads have been pushed out now and my skin has become less bumpy. I'm still really dry, but I'm only peeling on my nose and lips. I've also had to switch to a tinted moisturizer instead of my regular foundation to downplay the peelies. Its weird, my skin and nails seem to be thinnning. I keep get
  4. Sillyseal10

    Day 24

    Ugh. Well I have pink eye. I heard you are more likely to get it while on accutane and boy is it a bitch. I'll spare you the details. On the bright side- my skin is really improving! Every single day it gets better and better!!! I can't believe something is finally working! Blackheads are still coming out, apparently I had blackheads in places I never knew about! Suddenly my chin and chest are covered in tiny black spots pushing to the surface Side Effects: chapped lips, dry skin and h
  5. Sillyseal10

    Day 18

    Heres a quick update: Progress: skin is clearing up, more and more! all my blackheads are rising to the surface and i think are the cause of my peelyness and rough skin texture. upper cheeks and nose are clear. acne has become mild/moderate! no cysts!!!! yay! not seeing much progress on back or chest yet. Side effects: dry skin and hair, peelyness (especially after the pool), cracked lips
  6. Sillyseal10

    Day 15

    Its been great so far! I still haven't had an initial breakout, in fact my skin is already clearing up! I have no new acne and all my preexisiting breakouts are healing. But I don't want to jinx anything by getting too excited! All my blackheads have become really pronounced and it feels like they are slowly being pushed out of my skin. I can't help it, I'm so excited! I really hope my skin keeps improving! So far my face has been pretty dry and my lips have been chapped, but its nothing I
  7. It definitly has to do with the accutane! Just keep putting the aquaphor on it every time you get the chance and hopefully with time it will go away. I got cuts too, but after slathering on aquaphor and lip balm for the past couple of days, its gone away.
  8. Sillyseal10

    Day 1

    Hey Elle! How's it been so far? Have you noticed any side effects yet? I can already feel my skin drying out! Aquaphor is my new best friend! Haha!I've always wanted to travel to australia! It seems like a really beautiful place!-Sillyseal10
  9. Sillyseal10

    Day 10

    So far so good! Lips are super chapped and I've developed cuts in the corners of my mouth that hurt and look like they're going to take forever to heal. If anyone reading this is about to start accutane, please remember to put some aquaphor or vasaline in the corners of your mouth to prevent this!! Eyes are dry (I wear contacts) but a couple of eye drops do the trick I don't know if its just my imagination, but it looks as though my acne has already started to improve...? It's really weird,
  10. Sillyseal10

    Day 1

    After 3 years of going to the dermatologist in search of an answer, I have finally been prescribed accutane! Just like my mom, I have pretty bad acne.. I've tried everything. I've used all the right stuff with all the right ingrediants... and still no results. Out of all the things I've tried, Differin, Clindamycin, Duac, Eyrthominin, retina-a, doxycline, minocyline, and every form of over the counter acne treatments, the only thing that helped a little was retina and benz perioxide. The oral an