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  1. Ive been drinking it for the last week and my skin has really improved! I have it before every meal - 3 times a day. I would highly recommend it... just experiment and see if it works... The taste isn't nice but getting rid of acne is great!!!!
  2. A while ago (probably a few months now) I stopped drinking cows milk and replaced it with soya milk. since then i rarely ever get new pimples. im just going through the process of the red marks fadeing. i would definately recommend soya milk i had also had other things done in the last few months aswel so its hard to pinpoint whether the soya milk is the most beneficial. other changes include: having amalgam (silver) fillings removed because they contain mercury - got white fillings put it
  3. how about soya milk... ive been having soya milk instead of cows milk for the last few months... has helped alot
  4. they work for some and not for others... because anti-biotics kill both good and bad bacteria you should take a probiotic to replace the good bacteria..
  5. ive been drinking green tea every day, either once or twice, for the last couple or months or so... it seems to be helping but its hard to pin point if it is the green tea thats actually helping because i've also made other changes including drinking soya milk instead of cows milk, taking a probiotic, increasing zinc intake, more fruit, going in a steam room and sauna regularly, etc... My skin seems to be getting much much much better now! I hardly ever get new whiteheads coming out. Ive sti
  6. Right I had the same problems and decided to stop the course on my own will. I was taking 30mg for around 2 weeks and the pain was getting worse and worse. The pain was at it worse in the morning until I had some food and then it subsided. I went to my dermatologist and I told her I've stopped and why.. She got me to get a blood test done and she said that my liver is fine.. I've done some research on the net and many websites say that liver problems can't be found from blood tests unless
  7. do you have any pain around your abdominal area? like near the bottom of your ribs?
  8. i've cut out cows milk completly and my face is simply clearing up! i've only had a few spots. my face is looking so much better compared to before. instead of cows milk i know have soya milk with cereral - it tastes better then cows milk! im not sure if my spots are completly to do with the milk. i also started taking a probiotic (primal denfense) a week or two before completly cutting out the cows milk. read up on the net, cows milk isn't actually good for you!
  9. i second you on that, "doctors lie"... it isn't they're fault though, its what they're taught, and it's how they make money at the end of the day.. my doctor said acne has nothing to do with what you eat.. i used to believe him and ate whatever.. recenty i've been taking more care of my diet and have noticed acne clearing up..
  10. have you tried doing some sort of pysical activity that makes you sweat the day after drinking to get rid of many of the toxins still in your body from drinking? if not, give that a try. try a sauna or if you dont have access to a sauna go for a run or something that'll make you sweat alot...
  11. you'll mess up your liver... ive done quite a bit of research and found that blood tests dont show liver damage unless the damage is really bad..
  12. i'd say good... i did a lot of searching on the net and all the sites i saw said saunas were gd. i try to use a sauna about 3-4 times a week and finds that its helping a bit. i stay in there for about 10-15 mins and take in some water with me to drink to replace all the water lost in sweat.. i also use the steam room for 5-10mins... have a cold shower after a sauna to close your pores..