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  1. Honestly I was in the same boat as you.. the ONLY thing that worked for me was applying Solar Sense Zinc based sunscreen daily.. it may not work for everyone but its worth a try.. I was consistently breaking out prior to using the zinc based sunscreen daily and scarring with each pimple. I haven't had a pimple in a year now and the one pimple I got recently (due to me eating cashews which I found out causes me to breakout recently) didn't even scar like it would have a year ago.. Every time I d
  2. Poor healing as in what? I would say i have poor healing with my skin but dermastamping with the proper topicals should help improve your skins ability to heal or improve its elasticity by allowing creams to penetrate deeper then if you were to just put creams topically. If you have an actual diagnosed condition that does indeed affect your bodies ability to heal then I would just speak to a doctor or dermatologist, or you can individually needle just one scar and see how it improves before act
  3. I have received lots of messages and emails asking me for an update as well as a lot of messages from people who have thanked me for my positive outlook on my scars.. Well let me update you, I have not done any scar treatments since early 2011.. Basically I have forgotten about my scars. Life is the best that it can be at this point, I am a few credits away from graduating, have a good job, I am getting married in December and I have the biggest outlook on life now then I ever have.. I know
  4. One thing that works for me in order to reduce the size of the scar before it scars is LED light therapy After massagin my face for about 10mins with this vitamin A&C cream that I get from divine beauty.. I mean I still may scar, but it wont be as bad had I not done it I recommend drinkin lots of water and takin some supplements as well
  5. I think your sudden scarring may be due to age, a lot of us have never scarred before hitting about the same age.. Theres a thread about it on here as well... Like someone mentioned before, change your diet, use LED's, supplements, proper creams, exercise and youll improve the issue
  6. heyy was just browsing through posts and came across ur page i gotta say ur still flyyyy and u shouldn't let ur scars bother u as much because they aint bad at all honestly!dont sweat it too much!

    1. To be honest with you, i wouldnt even needle anything on your nose... Im assuming its an icepick scar or a scarred pore? Maybe tca cross would work for something like that,
    2. I have read that thread before, but question.. Do you have any links regarding the supplements scar healing qualities? I was taking a multivitamin along with msm on the side, vitamin C 1000mg on the side, & zinc on the side... then I read that Zinc should be stopped because it keeps vitamin A in the system longer :wall: I think i was taking excessive amounts of zinc, i was taking 30mg 3x a day, morning, afternoon.. i dont know what to think of supplements anymore
    3. Hey bro, I been meaning to respond but I only usually check this through my phone but to type a long message on an iphone is a task but im going to try to keep this short, besides Im going to send you my info in case you want to talk more. Fact of the matter is, ive been in a happy place in my life right now, besides the stress from my financial commitments with school and all the work I have been doing, in terms of my personal life and my scars I feel fine I have looked into fraxel, but the t
    4. To be honest you may not even need makeup. I found that mixing GNC's Vitamin C cream with their Vitamin A, E & D cream really hides my scars pretty well... actually im amazed at how it can really mask my scars... try that, and both creams are about 1.50 each
    5. @mrjarjar, thanks for your response bro, but yea I do struggle with girls, and you're right lol for some reason all guys want to be pretty boys now, i think its gay but when thats all you're surrounded by then you kinda dont want to be the outcast.. but Im a pretty boy with scars, or so people say.. Sorry to hear about your doc ducking on you though dude, I hate to hear shit like that happening especially when you're trying to get yourself fixed and these assholes get paid to do what they do..
    6. @Time, you are absolutely right.. Even when I was younger it would take red marks forever but of course my skin color plays a factor in that, thanxx Nightlilly, Thanks for the recommendations I just received some Mario Badescu products in the mail, I ordered the whitening mask which I hear is good to fade red marks & the Vitamin E cream and healing/soothing cream which is all good for the skin apparently. I'll be mainly using the Vitamin E cream though because I know thats essential in ke
    7. I wonder if this in a way can be incorporated with something such as needling.. Some people here use needles to attack the scar subscision style... I actually have myself but some scars showed zero improvement(temple scar) which means they were really tethered down.. If this could somehow be used in conjuction with needling since it breaks down scar tissue maybe it could improve the results as well
    8. I dunno but I believe your skin looks real good, I do notice the white patches of skin especially in the last picture. Question, when you say tape technique, what do you mean by this? what technique is this? I too have needled and immediately done LED therapy right after... I have actually done LED therapy every day since my last needling session on January 11th.. I just want to say that the two scars that I needled on my cheek have improved i would say over 60-70%, and I had used 2.0mm needle