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  1. it seems to work pretty good as a spot treatment, but when i try to use it every other night as a nighttime moisturizer (w/ 12 drops of jojoba oil, if that makes a difference), *waiting 30 minutes after appyling the treatment, when i touch my face, an entire layer is peeled off. i use the amount dan recommends as a nighttime moisturizer. should i keep on using it? after a week of trying the AHA+, i've switched back to the acne.org moisturizer every night. should i return it? (...i ordered it l
  2. i think i'd wait till you were completely done with accutane and make sure to use an excellent moisturizer on the nights that you don't use the mama lotion (it's every other night, right?). but i guess it depends on how dry your skin is right now. if it's doing fine, with NO dryness then yeah sure go in with the mama lotion. i'm really interested to hear your experience with mama lotion, i wanted to try it but the boutique that told me would sell it...didn't. lol. so maybe eventually i'll get i
  3. i would have a SERIOUS talk with your derm and tell her if there is any risk/chance that something could go wrong, etc., that you don't want the treatment. people are pretty resiliant. if i were you, i would probably get it done just so that by the end of the sixth months i would be DONE. you know? but that's up to you - i'm not on accutane, and it's YOUR skin we're talking about. it's up to you (:
  4. yup. that's fine! and actually i think dan himself doesn't apply it to his forehead. idk. it's very confusing, i've read in several posts of dan's that he doesn't moisturize at night, and then later he says he adds jojoba oil to his moisturizer at night. then he said he only uses AHA+ for spot treatment, but showed a video where he applied it like he does "every now and then" as a nighttime moisturizer. i mean i know it's nothing to complain about but he should update his regimens because i'm
  5. no, it doesn't make me look green at all. i take a concealer brush dispense a bit of primer right onto the brush and apply to the areas (breakouts, mostly) where my skin is red. then i go back in with either a foundation brush, sponge, or my fingers and blend it out. it really doesn't even show the slightest hint, especially with foundation. but it really does make a difference in hiding redness and i sometimes will wear it alone it's so good(: i think the key is applying it only where you ne
  6. so, i'm sure a lot of us have been to different sites, forums, etc. for different things. i know i have. none of them were about acne, only this site. and what i've noticed? everyone is so nice and polite at acne.org, versus other places. why is that? one site i've been to, people are downright rude, telling people to "STFU & go die, you have no idea what you're talking about." and continue to swear some more. just because they put an idea out there. but at acne.org, even if someone is being
  7. i really like pur minerals color correcting primer in green, but it's 30 dollars as well for a small bottle. sometimes if you subscribe to their emails they'll give you a free bottle with a purchase!
  8. clinique superfit foundation and clinique even better foundation are both MY LOVE. they don't break me out, and even better has a lot of natural, skinfriendly ingredients that help get rid of acne scars as they cover them. superfit - natural matte finish, medium - full coverage (buildable), lasts all day, *not many shades :/, wicks away oil/sweat. this would be my lovee except for the fact that only in the dead of winter am i shade 01 shell and 02 petal is too peachy/orange for me, it covers a
  9. i like aveeno nourish + volumize shampoo & conditioner from the drugstore. it works pretty well, it definitely doesn't weigh down my hair, conditions it sufficiently, nourishes it, it feels healthier. i also looked up "protein/supplements to thicken hair" because i have fine hair, and wheat protein (the ingredient aveeno's "nourish +" line is based around) is really great for thickening fine hair. i'm not sure about the actual volume, like from a scale from 1-10 i honestly wouldn't be sure.
  10. cocoa butter could help. so could maybe just applying neosporin.
  11. go to dan's profile page and click on gallery. there are two pictures of him with acne, one with VERY mild because he missed a night of the regimen or something and broke out and one with i'd say mild-moderate. i don't know if he ever had it as SEVERE as he has claimed, but the regimen worked for me(:
  12. should be good. it is really soothing, i take a bunch of cream (from the jar) and put it on my sunburn. as long as you moisturize, it's good.
  13. inflammatory acne. no whiteheads or blackheads, but small cysts and pustules. i would give a shot at the regimen or maybe accutane.
  14. maaac.xo


    yuppp, i think my scarring is a little worse though, hah. not to mention i'm still breaking out on my back. but i honestly don't feel like treating it, especially since summer is over. my antibiotic usually gets most of it. are you clear now on your back? it looks really good.
  15. all i can say is - unbearable acne or wrinkles? wrinkles, at least for me! i mean i can't say that using somewhat harsh acne treatments your entire life is necessarily GOOD for your skin, but if you take care of it, and take care of yourself, cancer isn't going to be an issue in your life. if you can eventually go off the DKR, then good, because you don't have to worry about those if-y risks. i know i can, because i'm going to grow out of acne like my parents. but, if you're an adult that is p
  16. maaac.xo

    1 year

    amazing hair. your skin isssssssss crazy perfect