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    Writing....or it was an interest. Now that I am a stay-at-home mother, I seem to be more interested in sleep. Once upon a time, however, I remember being capable of writing nearly anyone under the table.<br /><br />I love dancing. I'm not very good at it but who really cares. <br /><br />I also love to read. Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Kafka but my inner geek indulges in Sci-Fi by Orson Scott Card and Tanith Lee.

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  1. We have a lot in common as far as interests go...and I'm a SAHM too. Thought I'd say hi and wish you luck in finding a treatment that works for you!

    1. I've been researching like crazy all over the web for an answer to my question and found a lot of people raving about Jane Iredale make-up. Anyone familiar? I also found this really cool forum for Laser Resurfacing on makemeheal.com. If anyone is in the CO2 boat, like I am, you might find some good stuff there.
    2. The doctor gave me permission to start using make-up last Monday but I choose to wait a bit because my skin is still so red and sensitive. Yesterday, I tried using Bare Minerals and it was not a pleasant experience. The brush, which always felt soft on my skin is now harsh and the outsome was certainly pathetic. My skin looked pasty and blotchy. I immediately washed it off. My friend is going to the store for me today to try to buy some kind of liquid make-up. As my husband doesn't get pai
    3. What is the success rate with something like this? What types of scars are we treating here? It seems dangerous to do it on your own but I'm only at the beginning of learning about scar treatments. Personally, though, I would want someone who knows exactly what they are doing to do it.
    4. M54

      CO2 Laser

      Here are pictures of my progress or regression post-CO2 laser peel (you decide). They are scary so brace yourself. On the fun side of things, since the swelling was all moving down towards my neck, I got to see myself with a double-chin and now you can too!
    5. It basically went something like this: Cardiologist screws up my face even more than it was already. The scars afterwards became more apparent, I had some bleaching and a "z" on my forehead. You gotta have a sense of humor about this stuff or it just drives you mad. Attorney says "hey, this surgeon in Morristown is really good. why don't you go see him and see what he says about the condition of your skin?" Surgeon in Morristown won't touch my skin for several months post-cardiologist and
    6. I had no idea! Geez! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The things the doctors never mention....
    7. M54


      Don't squeeze! Don't pick! You will scar if you keep doing that to yourself. Be nice to your skin and check out a different forum for solutions on how to help your blackheads in a safe way. I used Apricot Scrub when I was 11 or so, many decades ago and it worked but that was only the beginning of my problems with acne, etc., and I'm sure that there are better solutions out there. You'll find them here. Trust me, this is a great place.
    8. I just wanted to write and say that I know how difficult this process is. I had cortisone injections on a keliod scar several years ago and not much happened. However, recently, I had another doctor do the same thing and the results were positive so perhaps time itself works these things out. I wish I had taken pictures so I could show you. It's still there but it certainly isn't as obvious. I am going through the healing process of a recent CO2 laser peel so I can't say if the results are
    9. Adell, OMG! After reading your post, I went into my profile and uploaded a new album of my recent recovery and surgery. It will take 24 hours to show up. Please check it out when you can and let me know if it compares to what you went through. Also feel free to send me pics of your progress. What is needling? Isn't that like tatooing? Madadam, the surgery performed by the cardiologist (whose name is Dr. Amjad Nazeer, by the way and beware) was called a Micro-Laser Peel. It was done witho
    10. I had a full CO2 with the cosmetic surgeon. I have no idea what the cardiologist did other than burn my face with a laser and put a "Z" on my forehead, like he was Zoro or something. It wasn't until after the surgery with the cardiologist that I discovered through an attorney that he was not a plastic surgeon, just a cardiologist who purchased a laser. His website was listed as laser skin repair. I learned my lesson. You must be careful and do a lot of research before getting these proc
    11. Greetings friends! It has been YEARS since I posted previously under the name Arpazia but I have since lost access to that account and have found an older one I would use just to check the boards and not post at all. Okay, this is neither here nor there. I finished Accutane and have begun scar treatments. Last February, I saw a cardiologist who had a new laser machine. Cool, right? Affordable, right? Results = oh hell no. He didn't know what he was doing. It was truly a tragic exper