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  1. You need to give your skin time to heal after exfoliating. Should exfoliate once or twice a week. Use something gentle as well.
  2. It's primary purpose is to be a good source of GLA. Borage oil usually has higher concentrations though. It is however, harder to find. Won't make you grow breasts or anything. GLA is just a type of omega-6 fatty acid. A rather hard one to get in our now normal day diets. Could very well be helpful to take.
  3. Keep zinc dosages at 50mg or lower... and supplement with copper... Taking such a high dose such as 200mg can actually weaken your immune function rather then increase. I've read even 100mg can do the same but I guess that would vary depending on the person.
  4. If you plan on adding in AHA, I recommend not applying it at the same time as your BP. Especially if your skin is sensitive and breaks out due to irritation. I've been using CeRave moisturizer lotion recently and it works great. I don't use BP however. If you wanted to add in an AHA, I recommend getting both an AHA treatment as well as a non AHA moisturizer and applying the AHA maybe twice a week at night when you don't have BP applied. Using the regular moisturizer the rest of the time.
  5. If your thirsty that means you are already slightly dehydrated. It's best to drink before your thirsty imo
  6. Isn't borage as well as evening primrose oil GLA, an omega 6? If so it's not nearly the same thing, although I understand GLA is good for you as well. Maybe try flax seed oil?
  7. There's many different ways of cleansing and many of them are rumored not to work. Example of what you consider cleansing?
  8. Any cleansers that negate this factor?
  9. Proof humans don't get acne in the wild?
  10. The difference between lifestyle changes etc. and god/religion is that god/religion has no scientific basis and besides that, pertains nothing to acne. Eating right, washing methods, weight gain/weight loss, all has real physical effects on our body and therefor pertains directly to acne. I respect everyone's right to believe what they want however I think there are many places where religion shouldn't be involved. On US currency for example. Or the pledge of allegience. Or an acne forum.. Caus
  11. Go for a basic cleanser such as cetaphil or purpose and a non pore clogging moisturizer. Cut out the dairy/sugar. I'd shy away from applying BP to such young skin.
  12. I only moisturize in the morning. I read somewhere that moisturizing twice a day destroys your ability to create sebum. Whether there's any truth in that, I don't know.
  13. Depends what sort of cereal your looking for. Ezekial is sprouted and should be almost gluten free. Sort of bland tasting but I enjoy it with almond milk.
  14. From searching on google, every single source I find for this is from 1997-1999. Is this old news?