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  1. does being on antibiotics for acne (not a high dose) mess-up the process of birth control pills as far as them clearing your skin and what not? or does it just affect the effectiveness of the pill against babies? and does it affect the actual birth control aspect a lot? thanks
  2. Ive been on Loestrin 24 Fe for almost 3 months now. I will be done with the 3rd pack in a week or so. Should it have started helping my skin already? Because for a while my skin was very good but then all of a sudden im breaking out again..? do you think its just cuz im about to get my period? i dont know what to think of this birth control. Also, if i switched, is ortho tri cyclen a good choice?\ ETA: i also recently got a sunburn, could that be the reason im breaking out of nowhere?
  3. i cant be positive but your acne looks a lot like some kind of rash or allergic reaction to me. was your acne like this before you started tazorac? if not, i would talk to your doctor. being your at almost 3 months, i would give it maybe another month and if there is no sign of improvement, i would ask about other options.
  4. so i have been on ziana (clindamycin & .025% tretinoin gel) for the past 9 weeks or so. i have seen some improvement, but nothing drastic. i have 3 questions. 1. is it normal to still be purging this late into a retinoid? 2. when i go to the derm next should i switch my prescription? idk if i should move up to a higher strength of retin-a. i do get occasional peeling and redness but its not too bad. my concern is that if i move up to .04 or .05 retin-a.....would my body react badly without
  5. hi mimini! thanks for the encouraging words (: my ib started around week 3 too! and its still going on, but definitely not as bad as it was. that post you linked was very encouraging! yet, she seems to also be on an oral antibiotic so you dont really know which is helping her the most...the retin a or the pill.... but still very encouraging! was your acne bad at week 6? thats where i am and its pretty terrible ! also, for some reason my face got really red todayy out of nowhere, like its not u
  6. hey ive been on tretinoin (retin-a) 0.025% [and clindamycin, if that matters] for about 6 weeks now. i do see changes in my skin, but no overall improvement... i have a couple questions. 1.is it normal for me to still be breaking out this late in the game? i'm not sure if its purging because i thought i had gone through that earlier when my face was a mess...but i do still get pimples... is this normal? 2. my red marks seem to be more prominent. they are very noticable now and i thought tretin
  7. I'm on ziana, been for about 3 weeks. Im definitely purging but not peeling...does this mean its not working? so confused...
  8. hey, just letting you know i used retin a micro years ago, so thats probably why i still got an initial breakout from ziana. prior to ziana i was just using really harsh BP products that weren't doing me any good. just clearing that up! let me know if you use the sumaxin!
  9. hey there, my derm also prescribed sumaxin and ziana for me.i didn't use the sumaxin because it seems like it would be too harsh on my sensitive skin, but idk if i shouldve. as far as the ziana, im on week 3 and let me tell you.. there is an initial breakout. i'm not sure if mine is over yet, but there definitely is one. i'm gonna give it time though, hopefully we both have success.are you going to use the sumaxin wash?i feel like i should have
  10. hey im on ziana too. its been about 2 weeks. for some reason though, it never has dried out my face. is this normal? also, did you get an IB bc i think i am going through that
  11. i don't seem to need a moisturizer on ziana, im not dry at all really. my skin is rather oily. you found that cetaphil cleanser broke you out? it's so gentle though...
  12. Day 13 I really hope this is the initial breakout because my skin looks terrible. There are a lot of pimples in spots that I normally don't get many. Skin is still pretty smooth. SO hard to not lose motivation. Does anyone think this is the IB? I really hope so!
  13. hey im on ziana too! for about 2 weeks now. i hate initial breakouts but good luck!!
  14. Okay so I know I should've started a log earlier because now it is about my second week on Ziana. I started Oct 29 doing every other day until Nov 3 when I started every night consistently. I'm gonna start from Nov 3 and say this is my 12th day on my regimen. Regimen: 17, female. Morning: wash face with cetaphil, NO face makeup, Night: wash face with cetaphil, wait about 30 min, apply pea sized amount of ziana Day 12 So I think I'm going through an initial breakout phrase right about now. It'
  15. Its so hard to find one for me. Cetaphil CREAM gave me an allergic reaction and currently Im using Lubriderm seriously sensitive, and I have been forever, but i dont know if it makes me break out or not. What moisturizer do you guys use? Also, should you exfoliate at all on a retinoid? (Im on ziana) And if so, what do you use?
  16. I have acne everywhere pretty much, mild to moderate I would say. I started last night. Also, whats a good moisturizer with it? And does it help even skin tone, fade marks too? Thanks in advance
  17. for some reason ever since i started using benzaclin, i have these weird really small brown spots on my outer cheeks where i never really got acne. there are ALOT of them and they are ugly butt they can be itched off it that makes sense. like it seems like dead skin, but idk. does anyone know what this is?? will moisturizer help?
  18. The title basically says it all. Do you think that taking probiotics while taking antibiotics for acne can decrease the chance of later getting acne from candida overgrowth, (once you are off the antibiotics). Does that make sense? Want to know your opinion
  19. thanks for the response. yeah benzaclin never really kept me extremely clear but i was still content enough with my skin that i didnt come on this website every 5 minutes, lol. believe me, don't quit it on your face. it WILL make you break out :( hopefully things will go back to normal for me
  20. i was on benzaclin for a couple of months and my skin seemed fine, not all my breakouts were gone but it was manageable. then i went off it for a little and i started breaking out really bad, is this normal? my skin looks terrible right now so the only thing i could think of doing is going back on benzaclin. do you think it will clear the breakout i got from going off it. my forehead was clear and now i have all these red little bumps. my cheeks are the worst....i NEVER used to get acne on my c
  21. I never used to have to worry about my forehead...it was always crystal clear with maybe the occasional pimple..like once a year lol. Now all of a sudden (out of nowhere!) I started breaking out like crazy there. I didn't change anything in my life...I wasn't especially stressed or anything...although these pimples have kind of made me strerssed! The pimples are relatively tiny but there are a lot of them and some of them get extremely inflamed. I've tried BP, salicylic acid...etc etc and nothin
  22. I wasn't sure where to post this, so if it's in the wrong section, feel free to move it (: Ok do you ever notice that all the people complaining about adult acne seem to USUALLY say "well, i never had a pimple all through high school and then all of a sudden BAM acne!" Have you ever noticed how many people say this? Do you think that maybe if you have acne as a teenager it's more likely that you just grow out of it and then not have adult acne? Do you think it is more likely for people with cl
  23. I'm pretty sure I have this on my forehead. Out of nowhere I started getting pimples (or so I thought) on my forehead..and it happened right around the time I took a plane ride to a place thats really humid. Now I currently have small pimples that sometimes become inflamed...Do you think I have this? I went to the derm and he thought that maybe it was just an allergic reaction because I had never gotten pimples on my forehead before, so he gave me some kind of steroid cream. It definitely helped