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  1. I read it from some this person named tangel on when i researched acid mantle recovery.... It makes sense why do you think when a person uses retin a they tell you to wait 25 to 30 mins before applying... because if you apply it right away it makes the product ineffective... im going to try to find the link again and send it to you
  2. If any of you guys here use dans aha it is important for you to wait 25 to 30 mins after cleansing to apply the product reason for this is because aha is ineffective when the ph levels of our skin are not normal... Most of us use cleansers which are not ph balanced so when we cleanse our skin it takes 25 to 30 mins for it to become ph balanced again... Now in order for the aha to be effective our skin needs to be ph balanced so apply it 25 to 30 mins after cleansing... This is just a little tip
  3. Do not get the cetaphil cleanser unless your getting it in bar form.... The ones they sale in the bottle dont lather up at all... its like your washing your face with water or something it feels quite irrating... As far as moisturizers shoot ive never really tried a moisturiser that has not broken me out so i cannot help you their buddy...
  4. Hi there! Hope all is going well with you :-)

  5. Anybody out their try the new Lubriderm Men 3 in 1 moisturizer?? If so what are your thoughts about how its treating your skin?
  6. i take a multi vitamin from centrum... i also take 2-4 fish oil pills daily... i also take 1-2 probiotic supplements daily
  7. you can try menscience moisturizer its a bit pricey though its 36 bucks
  8. keep your head up bro and believe everything will get better
  9. inflamation can start as soon as your body begins to digest the food you ate
  10. If you are an adult male ages 20 years and above and are suffering from adult acne I want you to try this method... Let go of all the topicals cleansers and stuff your using to clear your acne and what I want you to do is wash your face with hot water only... Preferably morning and night in the shower... Now what you do is let the hot water from the shower hit your face for about 1 to 2 mins more if you like and while thats happening the steam from the hot water is also going to be opening your
  11. How many of you guys have actually emailed this dude and got a response as to what his cure for acne is?