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  1. usacc u r the first person here to recommend meditation but its one of the best things for stress control, and general happiness/contentment, not to mention helping the skin look better too. honey
  2. wouldnt the sephora melt once the skin warms up though?
  3. I just researched it and apparently its part of the skin healing itself, or similar to when a wound is in the healing phase when i dermarolled, there was no blood at all.
  4. Not sure if this means anything, but I dermarolled a small area of my skin, and not long after (maybe 24 hours later) I felt itching in that area. I have been applying terproline cream. Just curious. Is itching a sign of collagen renewal/growth? TIA Honey
  5. P.S. How long does it take to see improvements with dermarolling? 1st roll? 2nd roll??? I am just waiting to see how my skin reacts at the temple area, before venturing elsewhere on my face. so far, so good. And I definitely ahve read reports of those people with acne scars (pitted etc) getting definite improvemnts from a 1.0mm. the registered cosmetician that I saw, who treats clients everyday with a dermastamp, said u can definitely get improvements from a 1.0mm dermastamp for acne scars,
  6. hi ya tj101! first I tried it then my sister tried it on her skin. I got no negative reaction whatsoever (on the inside of my arm) when she tried it straight after me, without even washing the dermastamp, her skin went really red, and very itchy. anyway, yesterday, I soaked the dermastamp in disinfectant *rubbing alcohol* like you mentioned. Except instead of 30mins - one hour like the dermastamp directions said, I accidently left it for 1 hour and 30mins. it all seemed fine though, and I u
  7. Hi tj101 Thanks! one other question. My sister had used the dermaroller on her arm (just to see what it felt like) so do you think that rubbing alcohol would be enough to kill any of her germs that may be on the dermaroller, before I use it???? Honey
  8. Hi Everyone: So I went to the pharmacist today to pick up some disinfectant for my dermaroller. when I checked the ingredients on it, it said it contained castor oil. That kinda concerned me. As I was just going to sterilize the dermaroller before use, let it air dry, and then use on my skin without rinsing the disinfectant off. so i didn't buy it. the one i was going to buy was called 'surgical spirits'. is there one that u could recommend please? TIA Honey
  9. Hi y'all Immediately after dermarolling, how long do I wait to apply my topical cream? anyone got an idea??? Love and kind wishes, Honey
  10. had zero scarring (I dont mean red marks) until I went onto Accutane.
  11. ziko there are ample testimonies here of people's scarring being improved DRAMATICALLY through dermarolling.
  12. does being dead = being successful???? hmmmm.
  13. munsoned do u know if that is a non acidic vit c cream? I was thinking that a non acidic form of vit c cream would be better? and where do you order it froim pls???? TIA! Honey
  14. hi tricia thank you did u use any topical creams like vit c or a. i am currently using terproline and very happy with the results thus far the cosmetician i saw said she would NOT use needling on my skin, it wasn't necessary and was more for deep scars she was very honest wiht him and not just out to sell her products she could hve recommended the needling it certainly would have made her some money, but she was very honest about the treatment she thought i should use. she knows des fernan
  15. hi trish did u take any supps to help your skin to heal? did you use numbing cream? i definitely need it. very sensitive. I tested it on the back of my hand, and it didnt create any scars whatsoever. although I have no scars there anyway to begin with. it just went red, and stung after i did it. i then applied terproline 30mins later, and healed up fine. the weird thing is my face heals up the best on my body. my healing ability, even now after accutane, is still quite good. I have heard o