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  1. I use to put some spottreatment thing, uknow those that dry very much and are made for specially single pimples. That leads to what I do now (before the cleansing/washing/moist ritual) if theres a whitehead, I burn a needle tip & dip it into alcohol, break the whitehead. After that I do the things, cleanse, wash with extremely cold water and apply moisturaizer (which iv prolly mentioned too often here) with aloevera & snailmilk, that basically takes care of it. There might be a redness
  2. one thing I noticed my self, might have something to do with acne or not, but washing the room floors +vacuuming every second/third day to keep the dust off seemed like it helped, atleast for me. Everytime I noticed I had been getting oddly new, unexplained bumps, I sweeped the floor with wet towel. Now I dont know if it was stressing or something, but that seemed to help specially for skin irritation. I often noticed that after I had sweeped a dusty/dirty floor, specially if I was down there do
  3. yep. Also I started using cleanser in mornings AND before bed, as I before used only once a day. It cleared 95% of my remaining whiteheads and now I have like 1-2 so tiny that I barely see them in mirror when looking closely
  4. i my self it mainly & only: dark pasta/rice lots of meat (preferable fish) fruits, daily, more the better occasional lettuce in school ~1x can of energydrink a day (bad habbit but.. oh my) and most importantly 3-6L of water a day (+ fishoils, omega-3)
  5. order now, and you get a free towel! but thats not enogh, if you order within 2hours, you get YET ANOTHER towel! can you believe this offer? Unknown_user: Iv noticed that specially dairys tend to turn things for the worse for me. Too much energydrink does same some times, maybe its the energyboost that does something since other sugars dont seem to do anything. Stress = very much yes. Sports & positive attitude reduce it great deal. When my acne broke out, I was starting college (fun ti
  6. I'v done that for exactly those small tiny whitehads. Burnt & dipped a needle in alchohol, gentle penetration & cleaning. Preferably right before using a cleanser. Has worked quite well tbh, though im not sure if its a preferable to do this, just sometimes you hate those whiteheads when going out or so :S Oh yeah, and I use Baba de caracol named moisturazier which relaxes an irritated skin insanely well (atleast what i'v come to notice). Example if I do that needle cleaning of a whitehe
  7. yeps Want2Beme: Id say at the point when acne starts to be a problem for you, you should get to therma & isotertinoin regimen on. I wish I had gone earlier. "All else" most likely wont help effectively / fast when acne starts to reign. Most likely it'll get you fustrated & switching from product to product, & often antibiotics make it even worse. Basically you should ask your self a question wether or not you want to get rid of it. Most often 1-2regimens of roaccutan will get there.
  8. In a fear of jinxing it up, ill add some info now. Maybe theres someone with same problem. About a week ago I stopped using so much moisturaizer (cut to half about), started cleaning my face with vichy cleanser (the for-sensitive-skin one) and using vichy peeling of same set. I also broke accidently/carelessly from my diet & ate 3 boxes of donuts in 3days with some sodas & other high carbohydrated foods/snacks. I also started to work out again (was afraid earlier this year that it was t
  9. vitamin-a regimen (roaccuttan called in my country) for 3-X months. I had 3-5times worse & it did the job very well. Humektan as moisturaizer. Fishoils, food diet, working out/sports. Switching linens & (face)towels very very often.
  10. might give that a try. Though atm I'v done exactly the opposite (not cos of the thread ), started washing my face morning & before bed, both times with cleanser from vichy. And to my surprise (and utter scare of jinxing it), pretty much all my small whitheads stoped coming out. I also started using about half the moisturaizer I used before. Dont know why or how but it actually might seem to work. Only been for a week now, so I guess we'll see
  11. Iv used Baba de caracol named moisturaizer now for ~4months. Mix of aloevera & snailmilk. Its awesome feeling, has not effected negatively at all yet. Its suppose to help get rid of the redmarks/scars as well as keep skin moist. Im not so sure about the effect on marks, the only scarlike mark has reduced a great deal and the redmarks have faded quite a lot for me. Iv also just started to use skin peelin few days ago so atleast the fading isnt thanks to peels. Cant say for 100% sure though
  12. how does not doing anything can possible help skin or red marks? yes, im asking, i have no idea :< Just feels like if I dont wash my face once a day & use moisturaizer daily, the condition would turn from bad to horrible. Specially if you take in condition cold winter, possible working out etc.? Im in exactly same spot as opening poster, I have (quite) mild acne now left, few tiny whiteheads on the surface of the skin (though those are at all time, old fade, new ones come) and as additi
  13. yea quite probably should, it just that Im trying to avoid using those harsher products anymore, since the whiteheads are so small and just on the surface of the skin. Maybe its wishful thinking that something I do is causing it..
  14. Hey, (im 22years old man) Exactly around 2years ago I had the worst breakouts i couldv imagined. I mean i had horrible acne all over the face. I used a 3month strong vitamin-a based medicine (which pretty much dried my skin to white sandpaper, ofcourse i used moisturaizer though), and the worst of it went by. The last year Iv managed to get clearer skin by basically using "snailmilk"+aloevera moisturaizer vischy cleaner & cold water during evening before bed & cold water+the snailmi
  15. really, is this true? Iv been wondering why _all_ my whiteheads seem appear only to cheeks. I eat about 2-5times aday day::2meals, mainly chicken, other meat, dark rice/pasta morning: quite a lot of fruits, morning and during day on evenings: tuna/other fish/fruits mainly and ofcourse water. Can it be about my diet? something to take away or add? I try to watch out dairy & too much of fast carbohydrats